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Kids in Dior?

What do the names Armani, D&G, Dior, Guess, Ralph Lauren and UGG all have in common? Well, first of all, we know they are all top designer clothing lines. However, they all happen to have a line of kids' clothing as well. Designer kids clothing holds a strong place in the Western market as parents want to make sure their little ones are dressed in only the best. It is possible to purchase any of these designer labels in toddler clothing, baby clothing and of course, cool kids clothing as well.

The fact is that children grow incredibly quickly, so often they will outgrow their clothes before they'll wear them out. Unless you happen to have another one or two down the line to pass them off to, the chances are you will have spent a fortune on designer kids clothing that will be worn only a few times before it has to be passed along. The great thing about most of the higher priced kids clothing is that the quality is there along with the fashion statement, so you know it's not going to fall apart in the wash or end up frayed as a result of handling.

Great Kids' Clothing Brands

There are some great kids clothing brands that are available in quality department stores or children's boutiques. Children's designer fleece, a very cool item for little ones, are available under the label 2b free. A great, hot brand that has become a children's clothing classic is Catimini. There are some French labels that are lovely for kids; Chipie, which is French hippie, very cute and very cool; Clayeux, a French knitwear line for children, and deux par deux, a really comfy line for both boys and girls.

Vintage is taking the kids' clothing world by storm and we're seeing original screen print shirts on children bearing the names of bands their grandparents danced to - like the Beatles. Denim will never go out of style, and it's available in kids, toddler clothing and baby clothing as well. European styling continues to make an impression with HubcapsKidz and Copenhagen from Europe. For the very exclusive children's clothing, Oilily continues to hold the ticket. Certainly, if a parent wants to spend the money, there are plenty of opportunities to dress the kids in the chic and classic designs created especially for them.

Is It Necessary?

However, in all of this, a parent might ask if there is any value to spending large sums of money on toddler clothing when the child will outgrow the outfits within a few short months. The answer is dependent upon the parent, the financial status of the family, and the ideas and values held about such things. For some parents, often those who are working high-powered and demanding jobs and who are often away, spending lots of money on clothing is a salve for the conscience. Others spend it because they want to and they can. Still others have always purchased this way and continue to do so because that's what they do. Whatever the reason, parents are definitely spending money on their children's clothing. Perhaps the wisdom lies in the fact that it isn't necessary to purchase innumerable outfits, a few classic pieces that will serve well for a few months is best. Sometimes the kids don't even get to wear the clothing, they have so much.

Getting the Best for Less

In case parents who aren't financially flush feel they can't afford to dress their kids in Baby Gap or Mimi, a heartening word. It is possible to purchase kids clothing wholesale - designer clothing at that. With the economy zig-zagging all over the place these days, wholesale houses and discount centers abound - and they're a great place to avail yourself of cool kids clothing, toddler outfits, and baby clothes. They're also loaded with great stuff for mom and dad as well. Shopping around can give you the edge in finding all of the super clothing you're after at a fraction of the price. Happy hunting!

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