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There Once Was a Time...

It hasn't been so many years since the time women were relegated to tent-like dresses and muumuus designed to hide their baby bump. While everyone was excited at the prospect of a new baby, the time between conception and birth was not to be paraded around for everyone to see. Well, so much for the past. Thankfully, women today are only too happy to let the world know they've got a bun in the oven. They announce it everywhere, and wear it like a banner. Maternity shirts with funny sayings, and pregnancy t-shirts with a bit of wit on them are part of the wardrobe these days.

...But Things Have Changed

How did this massive change come about? Probably the fashion explosion that began with the hippie movement back in the 1960s and 1970s started the revolution that put guys' t-shirts on the fashion rack as a must-have for both women and men. The advent of the computer changed everything, including the ability to print graphics on textiles. Now you can put anything you can think of on anything you can think of - from coffee cups to weekend wear and everything in between. is a place to go if you want to create your very own t-shirts or posters - practically anything.

Maternity Shirts Get Funny

With all of these changes in the socio-economic position of the West, maternity wear got a boost in the form of funny maternity shirts, humorous baby shirts, and tees that make a statement. Pregnant women have moved to the forefront in expressing themselves in many areas, why not in the humor sector or life? It is not uncommon to see hilarious maternity shirts being sported by Hollywood's elite, and women are using their own personal "belly billboard" to share their own personal sentiments about things. We'd like to share some of the witticisms that adorn today's modern mom-to-be:

...... & .......'s Love Child (you can put the names you want in there)

Knocked Up By.......

Yes, I'm Pregnant. It's a ..... It's due in...... No, you can't touch my belly.

We've all seen the cute and oftentimes funny maternity shirts with graphics on them - like the arrow pointing down at the belly with some sort of saying like, "Say Hello to my Little Friend". Then there's the Stop Sign with a hand and the legend "Step Away from the Belly". There are pregnancy shirts with funny sayings that celebrate pregnancy. "All Hail the Baby Maker" and "I Grow People, What's Your Superpower?" are a couple of favorites.

As a pregnant woman, there are some days when you just need a good laugh and wearing a funny maternity shirt is a good way to get a chuckle for yourself and share it with others. Here are a few sayings that can make for hilarious baby shirts:

"The Baby Made Me Do It"

"Can you tell me if my shoes match" - we really like this one.

"All I wanted Was a Back Rub"

"I Miss Beer"

"The Baby Wants French Fries"

For those days when you've hit the wall and enough is enough, there are maternity shirts with funny sayings that capture the feeling you're having at the moment. We love these...

"Because I'm Pregnant, That's Why!"

"Hormonally Heinous"

"Who Declared it Be Rude to Pregnant Women Day?"

"Yes, I'm Pregnant, Try Not to Say Anything Stupid"

...and finally one for the expectant woman who has had more than she can handle:"Wow, That Was A Rude Thing to Say, Are You Related to my Mother-in-Law?"

Don't Forget The Guy

Of course, the woman isn't the only person in the equation. There's the guy who contributed to the project as well. When he's out with mom-to-be, sporting a shirt that says, "Keep your hands off her belly" speaks volumes. "He Shoots, He Scores" seems to be a fave, and "Beware, the Queen is Pregnant" lets everyone know he's experienced the raw side of hormones.

And, Of Course, There's Baby - and Babies

Finally, there seems to be no end to cute, and funny baby clothes with great sayings on them. Humorous baby clothes have been around for ages, actually before the pithy, witty, sarcastic, and seriously funny maternity shirts.

"Daddy's Tax Break" and "I'm the Twinkle in Daddy's Eye" are samples of the cute sayings that are out there. "Loved by All, Spoiled by my Auntie" and "My Dad Drives a Kenworth" are more of the humorous baby shirts available.

If there are twins hiding out in that belly, t-shirts that tell the world with smart remarks include sayings with graphics like the two "thought" graphics that have "Move Over" in one and "NO, You Move" in the other. "Real Women Have Twins" is another one and on with an arrow pointing down to the bump saying, "This is What Happens When You Party Naked".

So, who thinks of all these things? Mothers-to-be, Father-to-be, writers and everyday people with a funny bone. If you've got something you want to get onto a t-shirt, there are places around where you can create your own t-shirt. Who knows, maybe someone with love your saying and want to buy your idea.

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