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Our Favorite Item of Clothing - Jeans

There's no getting around it - the favorite item of clothing in almost everyone's wardrobe is jeans. We dress them up, we dress them down. We wear them to go shopping, out for dinner, and we might even wear them to work. So, what happens when we get pregnant? Can we still wear jeans? You bet! Maternity clothing has come a long way in style and trends, and that stride forward includes designer maternity jeans from such well-known names as Citizens of Humanity and Paige Premium.

Designer Maternity Jeans are Fabulous

Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans are a relatively new line for the company and feature a super comfortable cotton and stretch fabric panel that can be worn mid-belly or folded down below the belly. The real ticket for these jeans is the fit. Paige Premium in Robertson cut maternity jeans are really new on the maternity clothes racks. The great thing about Paige Premium Robertson maternity jeans is that they continue to give the same 10-pounds-thinner look of the original jeans except they have a soft nylon mid-belly panel. Paige jeans have won the approval of Parents magazine as the favorite maternity jeans - and they're available in plus size maternity jeans, including long legs.

You can find great jeans online or in person from Mimi Maternity or Gap Maternity. Both of these stores carry great lines of jeans at reasonable prices. Of course, if you're after designer jeans, you'll be paying designer jeans prices. But you can still get lots of style and great fabrics without spending huge amounts of money for your maternity pants and jeans.

It's a Changing Fashion World

Every year the fashion gods make decisions about what the latest look will be, and of course, it usually is different from the year before. That then makes whatever we have in our closet out-of-style for the next fashion season. The great thing about a lot of women's fashion these days is that women are deciding on what looks good on them and making their choices based on how they feel in their clothes, and how they feel in the newest fashions. It's no secret that most women past the age of 25 are very reticent to wear maternity skinny jeans, even if they are the latest fashion statement.

But, pregnant or not, women want to be stylish. Thankfully, maternity clothing designers have broadened their horizons when it comes to jeans and this year sees a resurgence of some of our favorite styles. We're seeing a lot of boot cut legs on jeans which accommodates boots (of course) but also look great with heels or flats. Slim legs are back also, and these are a more comfortable version of the maternity skinny jeans but don't hug the legs as tightly. Women who were never really comfortable in tight jeans can still get their maternity jeans in a relaxed fit that suits them and the latest style out now is the boyfriend jeans, initiated by Katie Holmes.

It's All About You and Your Comfort

Whatever style you chose in maternity jeans, the most important aspect of it all is fit and comfort. If the jeans don't fit well they don't look as you would like them to look and it's a given that they are not comfortable to wear. So, when you're out doing your maternity clothes hunting, check out the various styles of jeans. Drop into Gap Maternity and try on the different styles and cuts until you find one that works for you. If you have been wearing a particular designer's fashions, you will probably find that their maternity line fits close to the way their jeans fit before you got pregnant.

Remember that your body changes all over when you are expecting. Bones loosen and areas spread, weight sticks where it never used to and it's a given that things grow. So take it easy on yourself and have fun shopping for those perfect maternity jeans.

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