Crib Bedding 

Remember When The Color Was White?

Whatever happened to plain white cotton sheets for the baby's crib? They seem to be a thing of the past as the options and choices for crib bedding modern mothers are faced with can be overwhelming. Certainly, if you're a shopper, the adventure is huge - if you're not - it's a lot to sift through.

Crib bedding sets include a crib pad to cover the mattress, a fitted crib sheet and comforter. Custom crib bedding ensembles include all of the above plus a bumper pad to go around the sides of the crib (preventing bumps on tiny heads) and pillows and stuffies in coordinating colors to add pizzazz to the crib. Then, you can buy matching mobiles and chair covers as well as pillow covers, valances and curtains. Is this going overboard?

Decisions and Dilemmas

Today's moms don't think so - and given the massive number of children's bedding shops, there is definitely a market for it all. Designer crib bedding, featuring the names of some of the top designers in the clothing and textile industries, make baby's nursery a statement of class and design. Baby nursery ideas abound in books, in stores, and online to help a mother decide which nursery theme is right for her and her baby. There are registries where an expectant mother can register to ensure that people wanting to purchase specific gifts for the baby's room are able to buy the pieces that coordinate with the theme and colors chosen. It is possible to coordinate baby's designer crib bedding with Mom and Dad's, creating a flow throughout the bedrooms.

The Choices Are Myriad

The truth is that creating the perfect space for your new baby is more fun than finding the greatest pair of shoes ever. It's exhilarating, exciting, and as anticipation grows for the coming of the new baby, checking out patterns, colors, trims, and accessories for the nursery adds a whole new dimension to the experience. As with most things that are to be an expression of identity and personality, purchasing crib bedding and the things that compliment it, is part of the process. When a baby's space is an expression of who the parents see, and how they feel about the baby, then the room has a wonderful feeling all its own - it's baby's space and it's special.

Little Boy Blue and Pinky

Little boy crib bedding not only comes in blue, but in a magical array of colors and designs. Lions and tigers and bears (oh, my), jungles and forests, horses and farm animals are all there for the choosing. For the little girls, it is possible to choose crib bedding in soft pastels, shades of pink or any mixture of colors with bows, ribbons, and lace. You can also choose toile crib bedding for your little girl. Toile is a type of decorating pattern of white or off-white against a colored background. The pattern is very delicate and usually is a picture of a lake scene or something quiet and pastoral. It's a very classy way to decorate a baby girl's room.

Prices of crib bedding vary, depending upon whether the products are designer crib bedding, custom crib bedding made specifically for your baby's room, or purchased in a specialty store. There are places where you can purchase crib bedding at discounted prices as well, and the quality is relatively good. In some cases, it is possible to buy discontinued crib bedding discounted because it is an end of season item, or the line of bedding is not going to be carried in the store in the future. Often excellent choices are available in such situations.

Going Organic

Most parents are aware of the health issues around chemicals and dyes used in the production of fabrics and as a result, manufacturers are providing a wide selection of eco-friendly nursery collections of crib bedding for the baby. Bamboo sheets, mattresses made from soybean products and other organic crib sets are available in many specialty shops, online, and in most children's stores. Just as the trend toward eco-friendly kids' clothing has taken off, the industry recognizes the need to protect the health of infants through the use of organic materials for crib bedding that are free from dangerous toxins. It is possible to purchase crib bedding in modern fabrics that are safe for baby, organic, and come in many styles and colors. Just because it's "green" it doesn't have to be boring. So many choices - so much fun.


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