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They're so simple and yet they have become a fashion staple - especially for expectant moms. They're comfortable, stretchy, keep their shape and can be dressed up or dressed down. We're talking about leggings. They could well be the one piece of maternity clothing you just can't live without.

Urban Chic Pregnancy Leggings

Maternity clothes have become very chic over the past few years as modern, fashion-conscious women have made the decision to look great while pregnant. Rather than investing a pile of money into maternity clothes, leggings can replace slacks and skirts easily, giving a sense of style to whatever is being worn. During pregnancy, leggings are a top choice because they expand without tearing and remain comfortable throughout the pregnancy. Wise women purchase a couple of pairs in neutral black and gray, colors that blend with anything. Then there are jeggings (a jean and legging hybrid) which are huge now - and - if you're feeling like a rock star, you can purchase leather leggings which look delicious under a tunic top with raglan sleeves.

Dress 'Em Up or Dress 'Em Down

Leggings can be paired with a long runched tank top that hugs the baby bump, giving off a trendy look that is at the same time very polished. Pregnancy leggings can be worn under long tops, short dresses, matched with jackets, sweaters, tunic tops, and swing or wrap cardigans. There's really no end to the combinations you can create using them. Change the look by changing the footwear. Boots, booties, flat ballerina slippers or pumps - you decide on the look and then create it. Don't feel put off if you are a plus sized mom-to-be. Plus size maternity leggings are not only available, they look every bit as good on larger women as they do on regular sizes. A long tunic top or open swing cardigan over a tunic top and pregnancy leggings is an unbeatable combination no matter what size you are.

Pregnancy leggings are available in any of the popular maternity stores, including Mimi Maternity and Motherhood Maternity. Since these are specialty stores, you may end up paying a bit more for them there, but the quality usually speaks for itself. However, you can get great quality at great prices by purchasing Old Navy's leggings, either from the maternity department or in the women's department. Regardless, get yourself a few pairs, you'll be wearing them a lot, even after the baby is born. Old Navy is a good place to get plus size maternity leggings as well.

Hold Those Knitting Needles!

Knit baby leggings are wonderful for tiny babies, and when someone special knits a pair for your baby you'll want to treasure them. They keep baby's little legs warm and toasty during colder weather. However, knitting leggings for yourself or someone else who is pregnant could turn out to be less than what you desire. The idea of knit leggings for adults comes from leg warmers used by dancers to keep their muscles warm during and between practices and routines. They do a great job of that. But, when leggings are hand knit, they have a tendency to stretch out, lose their shape and become bulky. Even if a very thin yarn is used or one that has elastic in it, the elasticity factor is lacking and they don't hold up well. Better to keep the knit leggings for baby and purchase pregnancy leggings from a retail outlet.

Leggings are generally made from Lycra or a spandex blend of some sort. You can also purchase them in organic fabrics that stretch. By purchasing organic materials, there is less chance of your body absorbing harmful toxins. Organic fabrics wash and wear beautifully and last a long time.

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