Designer Maternity Wear 

Before We Get Started...

What woman doesn't love a sale? You would probably have to go a long way to find a female who would turn down a trip to the mall to hit a good sale. Before we get too far into this article, you will want to check out Breastchester right away because they are having a 40% off sale on all of their designer nursing wear - that includes fashions from such notables as Japanese Weekend, Annee Matthew Nursing Wear, Olian, Glamourmom and others. We know a great sale when we see one, and this is a great sale.

Current, Trendy, Designer Fashions

With all of the gorgeous fashion maternity wear available today, an expectant mother can dress exactly the way she wants, in clothing that fits, flatters and feels wonderful on the body. From formal maternity wear that includes fabulous dresses by Maternal America, Olian, and Isabella Oliver, to everyday wear maternity clothes from designers like Heidi Klum and Ella Moss, the choices are endless and the styles breathtaking.

The current and trendy maternity wear styles go from belted dresses to designer maternity jeans. Since designers have included a maternity line in their offerings, pregnant women are able to maintain the great look they have always enjoyed without forfeiting their sense of fashion. Whether it is an afternoon brunch baby shower that is in your honor, or a flick and dinner with some friends, you will find beautiful outfits for every occasion by your favorite designers.

Fashion on a Budget

In case you thought all designer maternity wear is off-the-charts expensive, think again. You can pick up trendy maternity wear by Liz Lange and Chiarakruza who have both created lines for Target, and don't forget Old Navy and The Gap. When looking for maternity wear during your pregnancy, you may find it easier to check styles and trends on the net before you commit to a day of shopping. Fun as it is, shopping can take it all out of you when you're pregnant.

A great place to look for stylish maternity clothing online is at Queen Bee Maternity, an exclusive Australian online boutique. You'll find a fabulous range of trendy, hip, and ultra-chic maternity clothes and designer nursing wear. Since there are so many stores online vying for your business, you can often get good deals on shipping from anywhere in the world. It's also fun to be able to answer the question, "Where did you get that incredible top?" with "Oh, Australia." Why not?

What's New in Maternity Fashion

Some of the current fashions in maternity wear include a new line of leggings called Treggings. Treggings are a hybrid version of leggings that are trousers and leggings combined. Isabella Oliver's Maternity The Essential Tregging is made of a heavy jersey fabric which makes is a super choice for work. The other legging hybrid is the jegging, the jeans and legging combination that gives you the very best of both worlds. You get hip jeans styling and the comfort of leggings. Mix them with a belly hugging top and a long cardigan or a Blazer from The Gap and you've got one of the hottest layered looks of the season.

We've all waited for the day when the rule book would be thrown out and we would be able to dress exactly how we want as an expression of who we are. Well, the day has arrived. While black is the essential color of style, mixing bold colors and prints with other bold colors and prints has taken off. Have a look at the Snow Print Maternity Tunic by Juliet Dream from Due Maternity to see what we mean.

There is a shopping adventure awaiting you today. Take yourself out on a shopping date and enjoy the moment.


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