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Meet the Designers

When it comes to comfort, a pregnant women depends a great deal upon the clothing she is wearing - after all, sleeping may not do the trick and finding a place to sit or lie down comfortably can also be a problem. Today's expectant mother can find excellent deals on comfortable maternity wear that will take them through their pregnancy and beyond.

We'd like to introduce you to a number of excellent maternity clothing manufacturers and providers who have created delightful and serviceable maternity wear for the entire pregnancy. You will find these designers and maternity wear companies have great casual clothing, weekend wear, formal wear, work wear and clothing to play in as well.

Japanese Weekend Maternity - Not From Japan at All

The first company we will meet is Japanese Weekend Maternity, owned by Barbie White. All of the designing, sample sewing and shipping comes out of San Francisco where the headquarters are based. Japanese Weekend endeavors to use fabrics that are produced in California and to keep as much of the production centered there - a kind of "neighborhood business". Japanese Weekend maternity clothes are contemporary and functional and they've patented several designs that are innovative and fashionable. The Ok Support TM Waistband, The Hug TM Line, and the MamaCoat TM, which is a one-of-a-kind.

Coming Up from Down Under

Even though we've become very accustomed to American made clothing and products, there is a surge from Down Under that has set the maternity fashion industry on fire. Fabulous and trendy maternity wear that is making an impact is EGG Maternity Wear. Designed to carry you through the entire pregnancy, EGG has a line called "EGG for All Seasons", so that no matter the weather - warm or cold - you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Their maternity lingerie, comfy maternity bras and full line of clothing and accessories are available in their stores in New Zealand, Australia, and Asia, the US and London, England.

Fabulous French Fashions

Seraphine Maternity Wear was also created by a mom, this time a French mother of two who brings the romantic trends of French design to her maternity fashions. Lifestyle minded clothing in everything from denim to work wear and special occasion pieces, Seraphine is a market leader in maternity wear in Europe. These fashions have graced the backs of celebrities in Europe and are available in England, France and Hong Kong. For a real shopping experience, you can book a personal shopping assistant who will give you an exclusive shopping experience in the Hampstead and Kensington, England, stores. Now, that's service.

More From Australia

Another designer from Down Under is Margaret Szabo, whose maternity fashion label SZABO was created in 2002. Margaret saw a gap in the market for plus size maternity wear and jumped into it, creating designs that meet the fashion needs of mothers of all sizes, but especially plus size expectant mothers. You can see the impact of Margaret's ability to interpret trends and creating fashion for the not-so-conventional figure when you view her innovative and special maternity line.

MacKay Maternity Wear, another Australian company, has determined to make maternity shopping as easy as possible. If you shop in their store, you receive personal attention from their sales staff. If you happen to live too far away for a visit to the store, you can order from their online catalog where you'll find trendy, up-to-the-minute maternity fashions that can be shipped upon ordering.

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling...

Lest you think that the focus has moved entirely south, we'd like you to meet Nelo Maternity Wears' creators Helen O'Connor and Annette Waldron. As you may have guess by the names, these women are from Ireland and their combined talents gained through working in fashion houses like Yves Saint Laurent Beaute and Claudia Schiffer, as well as Ireland's largest film companies, have given them a fashion edge. Both ladies were pregnant when they started the company six years ago and have worked hard source the best of the international maternity fashion market and provide their finds on their online boutique. They make shopping easy and want to help women look and feel stylish and beautiful during their pregnancies.

Europe Shares Its Beauty

A little collection of maternity clothing assembled by Belgian designer Nathalie Vleeshouwer in 1990 has mushroomed to 25 boutiques in Belgium with numerous other maternity stores all over Europe and the Netherlands. Nathalie's designs and style is loved by women who not only wear the fashions during their pregnancies, but long afterward as well.

There are so many wonderful outlets, designers, and fashions available for the expectant mother. The good news is that while it is possible to spend huge money on maternity clothing, it is equally possible to purchase cheaper maternity clothing that looks every bit as good and hip as the high-priced numbers. Check out emommie.com for fashions as well as accessories, like baby slings and belly belts. The internet is a wonderful shopping center, especially when you're feeling like a trip to the mall is just a bit much.


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