Sweatshirts - Maternity Hooded Sweatshirts and Baby Sweatshirts

If there's one thing a pregnant woman is looking for it's comfort. Finding the right place to sit or lie down is a feat on its own, so comfy clothing goes a long way to helping her feel okay about things.

We would all probably agree that one of the most comfortable outfits around includes a hoodie. Long before pregnancy, most of us had at least one favorite hoodie and a stash of at least a half dozen to ensure we were warm, cozy, and relaxed when we wanted to be. Why should that change when we become pregnant? The right answer is: It shouldn't - and, it hasn't.

Maternity Sweatshirts - All Comfort

Thanks to maternity clothing designers who have their heads screwed on straight, a pregnant woman can avail herself of maternity hoodies and maternity hooded sweatshirts from collections that are bursting with color and fabric choices. The standard Old Navy sweatshirts still work like a charm, at least for a good part of the pregnancy. Once the baby belly get's really big, it might be time to move to maternity hooded sweatshirts - those wonderful fleecy comfort items available in the maternity department of Old Navy as well as in maternity wear at Kohl's. Prices at Old Navy and Kohl's are super, making it easy to stock up on your favorite styles and colors.

The Celebrities Get In On the Act

It's been interesting, and certainly a boon to the maternity clothes arena, to have celebrities create maternity lines in the wake of becoming pregnant. Take Heidi Klum for example, whose maternity- wear line, Loved, covers everything from evening wear to delightful jersey maternity hoodies in an array of colors. These zip-up numbers are easy to wear and look fabulous combined with any length stretchy pants or leggings - also from Klum's collection.

When Nicole Richie got pregnant the first time she had just released a jewelry line which sold out before it even hit the stores. When she was pregnant with her second child, she agreed to a maternity line called, Nicole. Even though she doesn't wear maternity clothing herself, she does recognize how self conscious women are about their bodies when they are pregnant and how wary they are about large clothing investments. Her desire to see beautiful pregnant bodies flaunted has inspired her designs - which are considered upscale because the prices don't fit lower-end budgets.

Plus-Size and Easy-to-Afford Designer Maternity Wear

Plus-size maternity wear got a real boost from Barbara Brickner, one of the most internationally familiar faces in plus-size modeling. Barbara created BB Maternity for curvy, plus-sized moms, including lounge pieces, blouses and easy wear items. Another celebrity designer who created maternity clothing as a result of being pregnant is Chiarakruza. Her line is fun and functional, affordable and delightful. Relaxed clothing, tunic tops, peasant blouses, and more are available in her line. Both of these celebrity designers have their maternity clothing available in department stores across the United States.

What About Baby Sweatshirts?

Of course, some of the same people who bring us maternity clothing are also designers of baby clothing, and baby sweatshirts (besides being way too adorable) are a useful item in baby's wardrobe. Just like mom, baby loves to be comfortable and cozy and baby sweatshirts provide both. They're great with jeans or cords, over a onesie or over a shirt. Whatever way you decide to utilize them, baby sweatshirts, like your maternity hoodies and sweatshirts, are an integral and important part of life.

Check out Old Navy's sweatshirts for great prices on regular and maternity clothes. Kohl's offers great prices as well, and both stores offer maternity departments for your convenience. While you're there, drop in on the baby wear area - baby clothes are irresistible.

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