Maternity Size - Maternity Plus Size and Maternity Size Chart

I Can't Be That Size!

Clothes shopping when you're pregnant can be a mixed blessing. First of all, your pregnancy size will likely change over the months and things that fit fine at one point may not fit at all. Maternity clothing designers know your body is going to change, so maternity fashions are always created with "growth room" allowances. However, sometimes your maternity clothes size increases due to a bit too much of your favorite cravings or a medical condition like diabetes. The baby's size can have a bearing as well, causing expansion beyond comprehension - especially if there is more than one baby in there.

Finding A Maternity Size Chart

You'll be happy to know that you can find maternity clothing size charts with ease on the internet. Just type maternity clothing size charts into the browser and compare a few for a good idea of where you are in terms of size. Overall, most charts are very close in their numbers, giving you sizes for maternity swimwear, dresses, tops, pants, bras, and underwear. A comprehensive maternity size chart can be seen at the site of Motherhood Maternity. It's color coded and easy to read. You will be able to find maternity clothes sizes from maternity size 0 through 2x maternity. Old Navy size charts can be seen in their stores, which is a bonus (especially if you have pregnant brain and can't remember things). They also have a chart online. Remember that normally you purchase maternity clothes in your before-pregnancy size. As we mentioned, the designers know you're going to grow in places and they make their fashions with that in mind.

It Just Makes Things Easier

Whether you're maternity size 0 or maternity plus size, once you figure out your size for various items according to the maternity size chart, then clothes shopping becomes a lot easier. Knowing what size to look for reduces the chances of picking clothing in a size you think will fit only to find that it is either too large or too small. You can try on clothing for only so long when you're pregnant. It gets old really fast. Most maternity clothing stores welcome input as to how a specific fashion fits. So, if you've taken something to try on in a size that should fit you and you find it is way too big, let them know. That way they can tag the clothing with a note that says, "fits large" or, conversely, if it's too small, "fits small". You'll relieve the angst of other pregnant shoppers by helping out in this way.

Plus Size Shopping For Your Favorites

When it comes to sizing for maternity plus sizes, the charts can be up to two inches different in their sizing. Most women find a designer they like and stick with them, which means you are familiar with how those fashions fit. Many of the designers have gone into the production of maternity plus size to answer the need for up-to-snuff maternity fashions for plus size women. Barbara Brickner, a former plus size fashion model, has created her own line of maternity plus size fashion and her designs are gorgeous. Other designers have come on board recognizing that the need for trendy, hip, and becoming fashions is important for all pregnant women, not just some of a certain size. Szabo Maternity is another maternity plus size fashion house that fills the needs of pregnant women. These fashions are fabulous and well worth checking out.

Take your measurements and find a chart that works for you. Print it out and take it with you when you go clothes shopping for maternity wear. It takes the stress out and saves time when you have to try things on. It's also good to know your sizes if you decide to order online. You can find charts for various brand names, which narrows things down even farther. If you have a particular designer you love, then knowing how their clothing is sized makes ordering online easier than ever.


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