Trendy Maternity Clothing 

Trends in maternity clothing are not that different from trends in regular clothing, which means they are usually in style for a short period of time before they become dated. Thankfully, there are some things that just never go out of style - like jeans and blazers - and when it comes to maternity wear, we will continue to see some of our favorite things for years to come.

The Latest Jeans Trend

As the seasons change, so do the trends. Fall of this year finds a change in the jeans trends, although not a really big change, as the boyfriend jeans take center stage. Boyfriend jeans are guy's styling and rolled up, either just above the ankle to midway between the ankle and knee. Another trend taken from the guys is the men's blazer, which is a hot look for this fall. A trendy maternity t-shirt or cool striped top paired with the latest in maternity designer denim, a blazer and ballet flats makes you an up-to-the-minute fashion plate this season.

Tops & Leggings, Treggings and Jeggings

Designer maternity clothes set the pace for trends and this season wearing embellished tops is the fastest way to get into the stream of things. Embellishment gives bling to trendy maternity tees and looks fabulous paired with jeans or dressed up with pants for the office. Speaking of the office, have you seen the new legging hybrids? They're called Treggings - a mix of trousers and leggings - and they're perfect for work. Check out Isabella Oliver's Maternity The Essential Tregging. Legging hybrids showed up a couple of seasons ago with jeggings, the jeans and leggings mix that became very big. Leggings are definitely back and it seems they are a trend that will become a permanent fixture in the maternity wardrobe.

Plus Size Shopping

Until recently, plus size women had a lot of trouble finding clothing that not only fit, but looked modern as well. Now, trendy plus size maternity clothing is available at almost every maternity store, and is plentiful on the internet. Designers from all over the world who are plus size themselves are chipping in with beautiful designs. There's no reason for plus size pregnant women to be outside the loop of fashion any longer. Barbara Brickner and Margaret Szabo are two designers whose fashions are making a huge impact on the plus size maternity market.

Maternity Swimwear Trends

The biggest boon to trendy maternity swimwear is the tankini. It's the perfect style for nearly every body type. Maternal America has a super tankini called Jenni that adjusts easily with sash side ties on the bottom and a cute halter tank top that will grow with you throughout the summer. It is fun, flattering and sexy. Maternal America has a full line of trendy maternity swimwear for your to browse. Find the perfect fit, color, and style for your own personality and likes - then go for a swim. It's great exercise and the buoyancy provided by the water makes exercise easy.

Too Cute Baby Things

One thing every expectant mother loves to shop for is baby things. There's nothing like wandering into a baby specialty store or the infants and kids section of a department store to see what's new for baby. Just touching some of the adorable little clothing can set you off on a mind trip that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Trendy baby clothing can be seen everywhere, from Old Navy, The Gap and Target to stores that specialize in children's designer clothes. Of course, prices vary with the places you shop, but it is possible to get some good deals on children's designer clothing if you buy end-of-the-season or discontinued lines. Good quality children's wear lasts longer and wear better, so it's worth the time to check it out.


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