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Every Woman Wants to Look Great

What woman doesn't want to look stylish and feel great during her pregnancy. We know that feeling on top of the world can be a challenge on some days when you're pregnant, but looking good is easier than it ever was for women, regardless their size. Thankfully, maternity plus size clothing has come a long way, and women in this category can find styles that are lovely and well fitting in most maternity stores and online.

Motherhood Maternity Plus has the largest selection of pregnancy plus sized clothing available. You can order from their online store, or visit one of their stores near you. Motherhood Maternity is a popular place to shop, where prices are great and there is a large variety of designer fashions to choose from. Sometimes the stores do not have the larger sizes of plus clothing, in which case they can be found online or they can be ordered in from another store.

Top Plus Size Designer Fashions

There are designers who have chosen to focus their attention on women who, until recently, have had a hard time finding things to fit. Barbara Brickner, a plus size fashion model, has created her own line of maternity clothing that is up-to-the-minute in terms of fashion sense and can be found in many department stores across the US. Szabo Maternity fashion, from Australia, is a relative new-comer to the industry. The creations are designed by Margaret Szabo, a plus size clothing designer who decided women like her needed clothing that was every bit as nice as what other women were wearing. Of course, Old Navy has a huge array of maternity wear and Old Navy Plus features tops in jersey, cottons and knits. Stylish and well-fitting pants and dresses are also part of the offerings at Old Navy Plus. You can take a look at any of the fashions mentioned in this article online. Decide which fashions you would like to wear and go from there.

A Little Help From Your Friends

We're here to help you as you go through your pregnancy. So, along that line of thinking, we offer you some tips for purchasing plus size maternity wear. First of all, shop at stores that stock maternity plus size clothing. Some maternity shops don't carry a very large selection, but Old Navy Plus, Motherhood Maternity Plus, as well as Target, are all good places to find great plus size maternity pieces.

How To Buy Plus Size Maternity Wear

Choose empire waist tops, which tend to flatter most figures. The waistline on this style falls just under the bust and then gently gathers over your baby bump. It is a perfect design to hide whatever you want. You can also find this style in maternity dresses. You will want to stay away from clingy knit dresses unless you have a nice, smooth pair of hips - which eliminates most women. A busy pattern, floral or print, are very popular in plus size maternity clothing. Be careful with stripes. Wear long skirts. The Prairie style and tulip style are both flattering in maternity plus sizes. They're comfortable and work well with nearly any top you choose.

Be sure to buy the correct size in clothing. If you don't know your size, take your measurements and then check on a maternity size chart to find out what size would be most appropriate for you. It eliminates hours of trying things on that are too big or too small - although you really should try on anything you decide to purchase to ensure it looks as good as you want it to look. If your clothing fits you properly you will show off your baby bump without making yourself look out-of-proportion or heavier.


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