Maternity Dresses

Lookin' Good - Gettin' Better

Sometimes you see a maternity dress that makes you want to be pregnant, just so you can wear the dress. That may be particularly true of the gorgeous designer maternity gowns we're seeing today. It is obvious that designers have picked up on the large market of pregnant women looking for elegant formal wear - not to mention day-to-day casual and work maternity clothes. The styles and trendy outfits available today satisfy the discerning and demanding tastes of pregnant fashionistas everywhere. Maternity apparel has never looked so good.

Designer Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

It is estimated that about 50% of bridesmaids are pregnant when they stand in a wedding. We'd say that makes for a rather large market. Maternity bridesmaids' dresses come in a plethora of styles, and there is plenty to choose from. Depending upon the individual taste of the bride and what she wants for her attendants, some of the more popular maternity bridesmaids' dresses are favoring an Alfred Sung type of design. Soft, flowing fabric in delicious colors make the strapless dresses look like candy cotton as they are held to the body under the bust with a wide satin ribbon. Soft, sensuous and delicate, this style is understated and comfortable. Halter top dresses and maternity gowns as well as two piece dresses comprised of long skirts and a top with a maternity panel are also elegant and popular. Jordan Fashions and Bari Jay are places to look for these styles.

Here Comes the Bride

Just as there are pregnant bridesmaids, there are also pregnant brides. The designs for maternity wedding dresses are jaw-dropping beautiful, and when you add the glow of a new bride to the glow of a pregnant woman - you've got a glorious woman. There are several designers and many sites for maternity bridal fashion and maternity wedding dresses. Check them out and drool over the lovely creations available for the expectant bride.

Plus-Sized Maternity Designer Clothing

Another eye-opener for designers was the fact that plus-sized women not only get pregnant, but they are desiring fabulous looking clothing as well. In response to her own pregnancy needs, plus-size fashion model, Barbara Brickner created her own line of maternity dresses and fashion for plus size. BB Maternity is her line and her great designs for plus sized maternity dresses and other fashions can be seen online or in maternity wear shops and department stores in the US and UK.

Buying Great Fashion on a Budget

In all fairness, we understand that buying designer maternity dresses can be out of reach for most of us. As with all things designer, they're expensive. However, there are many places to show where you can get affordable maternity dresses that are designer styles for a lot less money. Some designers are creating lines specifically for stores like Target. Liz Lange and Chiarakruza have both created maternity dresses and clothing lines for Target that are affordable and trendy.

You can also pick up great deals on designer and upper-end maternity dresses and maternity gowns online. There are several sites that offer discount maternity dresses. If you prefer shopping in person, then check out discount maternity dresses in specialty shops and maternity shops where the last season's clothing is discounted or on sale. When a woman is pregnant, she's pregnant for nearly a year, so a seasonal deal can be a great investment.

Indeed, maternity apparel has come a long way from the smock tops and tent dresses created to hide the beautiful baby bump. Today's styles and fashions point a finger at the belly and cheer. Celebrate your baby belly in a big way with maternity dresses and gowns that show off your success and keep you looking feminine and lovely.

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