Baby Bibs - Personalized Baby Bibs and Baby Bibs Sayings

Daddy's Tax Break

You know, babies really could care less what you tie around them to keep the food off their clothing - as long as it isn't uncomfortable - they're not fussy. It's the adults that look for the cute baby bibs with wonderful baby bib sayings that make people smile, laugh, or simply say, "Awww". Take for instance, "Mommy says that I'm Daddy's vacation souvenir", or "Daddy's little tax break". These and many more fun sayings are available on baby bibs. You might want to check out Daddy's Little Girl for some really great bibs and onesies with funny and witty sayings on them.  You can go from cute sayings on your maternity tops to cute sayings on your baby's bibs.  How fun is that?

Bibs are a necessary item when you have a baby. Once the breastfeeding begins to be supplemented with food, then bibs are needed to help protect the front of baby's clothing. If you're not breastfeeding, then you may find bibs are a good thing to put on the baby when feeding a bottle. Sometimes the bottle leaks and formula can stain the clothing. So, while baby bibs often have cute or funny sayings on them, they really do serve a purpose.

Goo Goo Baby Bibs - Stopping Those Leaks

One of the newer bibs on the market is the Goo Goo baby bib which is dubbed the "miracle milk bib" which is excellent for newborns and infants. It is a special design for bottle and breastfeeding and is an absorbent layered fabric that has a fleece neck roll at the top to prevent leading and the accompanying neck rashes that often happen when baby's neck gets moist. It is adjustable and has a waterproof lining to keep baby dry.

As a shower gift, personalized baby bibs are a hit. There are companies that will embroider your message, name, logo or other personal note on the bib and it then becomes baby's very own - not to be confused with anyone else's. Personalized baby bibs are also classy. Often, when dressing baby up to go out, if the outfit isn't covered to some extent with a bib, then it isn't too long before there's a mark of some sort on it. A personalized baby bib makes a nice accessory for an outfit while protecting it at the same time.

Leather is Not Just for Cowboys

We all know leather is a durable and strong material. You can buy leather baby bibs that will withstand the most grueling drooler and many meals of sweet potatoes and carrots without staining. Check out Sarah Jane to see the styles, patterns, and colors available in leather bibs. Babies wear these bibs long into their toddler years and the products hold up amazingly well.

From Plain to Funky - All Shapes and Sizes

As we all know, baby bibs come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. You can get them for the tiny newborn, little rounded white baby bibs that are useful to catch the drips and dribbles of little babies. As they grow older and are able to sit up to take solids, we usually find a larger size works best. Many moms use bibs that are almost like tiny hospital shirts, slipping the arms through and tying them in the back. There are terry cloth, plastic, cotton, and of course leather. There are also spongy material bibs that wash out and dry very quickly. You can get them in plain fabric, great patterns and designs that make for very funky baby bibs.

There are so many styles and designs to choose from when it comes to bibs. Who would have thought this item would become so sophisticated?

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