Knit Dress - Maternity Tiered Knit Dress

Knitting for Baby

Once they find out you're pregnant, those who can will begin knitting baby clothes and those knitted baby clothes will become some of your favorite outfits for baby. Once outgrown, you hold onto them as keepsakes (unless you have another baby to wear them). But, knitwear isn't only for baby. Many expectant mothers are finding that the great cotton knit fabrics available today make wearing knitted dresses a pleasure rather than a pain.

Knit Maternity Wear - It's Not The Way It Used to Be

Maternity knit tank dresses are a boon to the pregnant woman because of the stretch of the knit fabric. They're comfortable and stretchy knits of rayon-spandex blends never lose their shape, even though they have incredible stretch. One of the favorite styles is the maternity tiered knit dress. The tiered skirts are the same style you see on the peasant skirts that are so comfortable and relaxed.

When we think of knit dresses, we usually think in terms of knitting needles and patterns. Today's knits refer more to the type of fabric used as opposed to the actual act of knitting. Having said that, there are still some classic knitting patterns for dresses, however they are more difficult to find - especially in maternity wear. Hand knitted clothing has a tendency to stretch and not retain the original shape unless the article of clothing is washed and blocked. If it is lined, then it will keep the shape better. Wearing hand-knit clothing when pregnant can present a few challenges though, and most women choose the modern knit fabrics over hand knitted items.

Popular Knit Fabrics and Designers Who Use Them

Jersey knit is a popular fabric choice for maternity knit tank dresses and maternity tiered knit dresses. It stretches, is breathes and it retains its shape. Great dress patterns are available from some of the bigger names in patterns, like Butterick and Vogue. Once the pattern is chosen, then choose the knit fabric you love and either sew it yourself or have someone else sew it for you.

There's nothing quite like the feel of good quality knit fabric and the look of a woman wearing a knitted dress over her baby bump is very chic and sexy. You can find some great knitted maternity fashions in Motherhood Maternity, Old Navy, and online. Such designers as Olian, Seraphine, and Nicol Caramel use knit fabrics in some of their clothing. Of course, knit fashion is very European and very chic and paired with great shoes and accessories, you'll look like a fashion plate wearing knit maternity dresses.

Stretchy Knits for Dress and Sports

Stretchy knit fabrics are not only found in maternity dresses, tops, and skirts - you'll find these great washable fabrics being used for maternity athletic wear as well. Athletic wear requires good, quality stretch material that will go back into shape after being washed. Jersey knit is commonly used to make hoodies and athletic tops for pregnant women. It wears well, is lightweight and is easy to wash and dry.

Caring for Knits

If you do happen to purchase or acquire a hand-knitted maternity dress, you will have a lovely garment in your possession. Just as knitted baby clothing, these items require special care, especially when cleaning them. Some are made from blended yarns, which means they wear differently than cotton or lightweight wool. No matter the fiber used, hand knitted items should be washed by hand and dried flat in order to retain and regain their original shape. Throwing the clothing in the washing machine and then into the dryer may well present you with a piece of clothing that hardly resembles the original.

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