Maternity Bras - Plus Size Maternity Bras

The Bonus of Pregnancy

One of the great side benefits of pregnancy - especially for women who are not well-endowed in the breast department - is the increased size of the chest. Granted, it may be a pain for larger chested women, but for those of us who wore padded bras until pregnancy, well, it's just great. There are also advantages to starting off with little and then gaining much. It is easier to find maternity bras that aren't costly and you can usually find something cute and suitable in the maternity bra section of Target. Playtex, a trusted name in all things maternity and baby, carries a full line of under wire maternity bras, nursing bras, and soft panel bras that can be purchased at Target, JC Penny Stores, and many other department stores across the US. The cost is competitive and the styles are numerous.

Why You Need More Support

As you progress through your pregnancy, along with an expanding belly, you will experience an expanding chest. Many health care providers recommend that pregnant women begin wearing nursing bras or good pregnancy bras in their second trimesters and definitely in their third trimesters. That's because the weight of the breasts can cause discomfort in the back, and also on the shoulders if the bra straps are thin. The heaviness of full breasts requires good support, and finding a pregnancy bra that is comfortable and well designed is important. You can find them in department stores that carry nursing bras and maternity lingerie and in specialty shops. But, for fuller breasted women who may need plus size maternity bras, then it is a good idea to shop in a lingerie store that carries a full line of pregnancy bras or in maternity shops that have them.

Your Clothes Will Look A Lot Better

Another reason to wear a good support bra during your pregnancy is that it will help your clothes to look better. Smooth lines and no visible seams are best under knit tops and tanks. If you are working, your business wear looks best with the proper undergarments. Maternity clothing designs today are very chic and well fitting. If your bras don't fit well, if they cut in on the shoulders or back, or if you pop out of the top like someone whose corset is fastened too tightly, your classy look can be diminished. The same thing goes for maternity jeans. We like our jeans to fit our tushes well, no VPL (visible panty lines). Maternity jeans are as stylish and sharp as any other jeans are, so the same care goes into buying maternity underwear as goes into buying pregnancy bras.

Bras for the Plus Size Woman...

You will be able to find a helpful staff person in any of the maternity wear shops and maternity lingerie shops you go into. This person will help you determine the best fit for your body, the best support for your back and breasts, and will introduce you to some great styles and fabrics. If you wear a plus size maternity bra, some of the specific brands available that are frequently recommended for ladies like you include: Leading Lady 491; Goddess 510 or 511; FranceeFree 94305, which is available to size 50K; Motherwear 'Extra Support'; Extra Extra Support Nursing Bra from; and Norvell bras. You can shop for plus size maternity bras online at or, among other sites.

...And Others

For the rest of us, finding a comfortable and supportive pregnancy bra is easier. There's no need to give up being sexy, as a matter of fact, men seem to love sexy lingerie on their pregnant ladies, no matter the size of the lady. Check out HotMilk for some of the sexiest pregnancy bras and panties and maternity lingerie out there. Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life. Taking good care of the body goes without saying - why not wear special things underneath your maternity clothes that make you feel beautiful as well?

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