Sleepwear - Maternity Pajamas, Maternity Nightgowns and Robes

When it comes to sleep, most expectant moms will tell you it's something they dream about, but aren't able to get. In the initial stages of pregnancy, sleep is broken up by the need to run to the bathroom throughout the night. By the second trimester, the pregnancy symptoms have abated a lot, but sleep can still be elusive. Certainly by the third trimester, sleep is a distant memory. Still, as much as possible, it's important to do whatever is necessary to accumulate as many hours as possible per night. That can be difficult if the sleepwear of choice is an oversized t-shirt and a pair of beat up sweatpants. Believe it or not, good sleepwear is a help when it comes to sleeping.

Maternity Sleepwear

Maternity sleepwear provides the comfort of high quality fabrics with design that functions perfectly for pregnant women. Most maternity sleepwear has built breast support and can be used as nursing pajamas as well as prenatal sleepwear. If the sleepwear is purchased before the baby is born, then buying a cup size larger is useful so it can be worn during the nursing period as well. Nursing pajamas are designed in such a way as to allow for a quick pull-down of the top on either side to allow for nursing without having to pull up a bulky t-shirt or unbutton a top.

Designer Sleepwear That's Functional Too

Who says that maternity sleepwear has to look sloppy and cheesy? Some of the hottest sleepwear is maternity style. Hot Milk and Crave Maternity produce some of the sexiest little things out there, and they are not only seductive, they're functional too. A woman can choose from a wide array of designer styles to suit her mood and disposition. If it's cozy casual, then there are roll-up pants that fasten under the belly with a tie coupled with cute tank tops and a tunic style robe to cover it all up. If sexy and playful is what she wants, then there are some hot numbers in sheers and lace with thong bottoms. Imagination is the only limitation.

Choosing the Best for You

Maternity nightgowns are designed to provide comfort and support for the pregnant woman. When purchasing any style of maternity sleepwear, purchase it in the same size you wore before you became pregnant - unless you've gained more than 30 pounds, or you're carrying more than one baby. Then you'll want to go a size or two up. Add a cup size to the bust measurement if you're planning to nurse, you'll need the added space. Keep an eye on comfort with your fabric selection as well. Many sleepwear sets are made of jersey, a stretchy and very comfortable fabric, and most maternity sleepwear designers are making their products of organic materials, which means less toxicity for both mother and baby. Another consideration is night time footwear. Slippers, comfortable and with some support, are something to think about. Maternity slippers can be purchased at specialty stores - but whether you buy them or not, comfortable, supportive footwear for night time and relaxation at home is important - especially when those feet begin to swell after a long day.

Some of the Best in the Business

Some of the great designs in maternity sleepwear, including robes, maternity nightgowns and nursing pajamas come from Majamas - a specialty house for pregnant and nursing women. LaLeche League, the modern-day pioneers of breastfeeding promotion has developed a line of nursing pajamas and nightwear that is beyond belief. Since they are "the" breastfeeding people, they've designed nightwear that works incredibly to allow for nighttime feedings without hassle. Check them out. If it's sexy you're after, then HotMilk is the ticket for ultra sexy maternity nightgowns and robes. The unfashionable nightwear of the past has given way to the wonders of design, with the bonus of style and comfort along with wearability and organic fabrics. What more could you ask for? By the way, the same people who bring you this great sleepwear also have cute nursing outfits for baby that match mom's nighties. To take it step further, you can get other accessories in the same pattern choices as your nightwear and robes - including diaper bags.

Making good choices in maternity sleepwear is as important as any other clothing choice you make.

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