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Things Have Changed

Gone are the days of tent dresses and tops over skirts that made a pregnant woman look like a triangle on a square. Today's pregnant woman does not have to forfeit fashion while she goes through the nine months of constantly changing body shapes. Maternity clothes are sexier than ever, and are wearable, functional, and trendy.

While she's collecting baby sweaters, the expectant mom can be collecting maternity clothes and sweaters for herself as well. Summer doesn't provide the climate to enjoy a cozy sweater and comfy leggings, but fall, winter, and a little bit of spring do - so why not make the best of the seasons and not only feel comfortable and warm, but look great at the same time? It's an easy and carefree look that is limited only by your willingness to wear it.

Leggings, Jeans, Sweaters and Hoodies

Leggings and skinny jeans provide the right base for some of the latest trends in maternity sweaters. Don't worry, wearing skinny jeans doesn't mean you have to be skinny. The name applies to the tight fitting legs (all the way to the ankle), and as long as you have lots of room and stretch at the top, you can wear them under maternity hoodies and maternity sweaters. Dress them up or down with the top you choose and the shoes you decide to wear.

Sweater tunics are very popular, worn with jeans and boots for a casual look, or over leggings with pumps for a dressier look. The long tunics can be belted or not. If you decide on a belt, wear it above your baby bump, or, if you like the hipster look, a wide belt below your belly works great with these long tunic sweaters. Choose a tunic top with a cowl neck that will flatter your face and give you an up-to-the-minute trendy look as well. Bum hugging tunic style sweaters are sexy and comfortable over leggings for a night out.

The Cardigan For Plus Sized Maternity Sweater Wear

Cardigan wraps are a classy and wonderful topping, regardless whether you need regular or plus size maternity sweaters. Belted above the baby bump, or worn open, they're a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. The current fall look is a blend of urban chic and comfort - mixing leggings or jeggings (a hybrid of jeans and leggings) with a long body-hugging tank top with a swing cardigan. It isn't always necessary to purchase maternity cardigans because they are worn open with this look, and they fit easily into your regular wardrobe when you're not pregnant. This particular look is great for plus size maternity sweater wear, providing a classy, polished look that transforms from work day to dress by simply switching shoes.

Where to Shop

The maternity section at Macy's is a good place to find swing cardigans and long, tunic sweaters as well. If you're needing a dress, the sweater dress is a perfect item. Cozy and comfy, it still maintains the look of a dress, with the class and style you want to have. Pair the sweater dress with boots and you've got a trendy look that is long on comfort.

Shopping doesn't have to mean a special trip to the maternity shop. You can find so many delicious styles and trendy outfits in maternity styles in Old Navy as well as Macy's. Both stores provide great value, designer fashions and maternity clothing in the latest trends without breaking the bank. Choose your maternity hoodies and sweaters, leggings, jeans, and great looking outerwear as well from the extensive collections at these stores. Your maternity sweater dresses, knit tunic tops, leggings and jeans will keep you warm during the fall, but you'll want to check out the selections of warm outwear to ensure both you and baby are cozy through the snowy winter months.

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