Maternity Business Wear

Business women no longer drop out of sight when they become pregnant. As a matter of fact, most of them work straight through to a few days before they deliver their babies. Consequently, the need for classy, fashionable, and comfortable business attire that will work for the duration of the pregnancy is a must. Business wear has gone through a lot of its own metamorphosis over the years, and today's business fashion is suitable for the office and then, with a few minor changes, it transforms to after hours fashion in a flash.

Blending With the Rules

In the corporate world there tends to be some rather strict guidelines for business apparel and presentation for corporate employees. It is possible to abide by the rules and still have a sense of one's own flare and fashion while pregnant. A baby bump is not an excuse to lose your identity as a fashionable individual. If a woman has climbed to the top of the ladder, then the necessity for great business clothing goes without saying. Pants suits and skirt suits are regular fare for such women, especially if they have to meet clients or make presentations on an ongoing basis. Since women have won the right to remain in the workforce for as long as they like while pregnant, then it may become necessary for a corporate woman to invest in a great maternity suit by the time she gets to her third trimester. Between the first and second trimesters, most women can continue to wear a lot of their own clothing, or create mix-and-match outfits from their regular clothes and some maternity pieces they've acquired over the months. Great business wear is available in many of the better maternity fashion outlets and, of course, online.

What Happens When I Hit The Third Trimester?

The third trimester brings with it physiological changes that challenge regular clothing, so finding well fitting (but not too tight) pants and skirts is necessary to maintain the professional presence mandatory in a business setting. A woman can even take her lead from some of the men's business wear styles that are on the scene today. A crisp, white, men's style shirt over a pair of black trousers with a long jacket makes a strong business statement. The addition of a nice, understated pin on the lapel softens the look enough to be feminine without forsaking business formality. This type of suit can transition to business evening wear by simply changing the top for something dramatic but feminine and adding a pair of heels. An updo and some great earrings will take the business daytime wear into a business evening outfit without a lot of fuss.  You can even use this look for holiday dress affairs without skipping a beat.

The Weather Has Changed - What Now?

A business all-weather coat is a must for corporate women on the go. When the weather changes and a coat is necessary, then it's time to check out what business maternity wear offers. Great trench coats and swing coats that not only do the job of keeping a woman warm and dry are also a business statement in themselves. These, too, can be found on the internet or in maternity shops across the country.

All Business - All Woman

Lest it be thought that a woman must lose her femininity in order to function in the corporate world, we want to assure you that nothing could be further from the truth. Even though corporate attire demands a certain adherence to code, there is plenty of room within the boundaries for self-expression and fashion. If a woman prefers the soft, flowing style of clothing over the rigid lines of much of business wear, then a flowing long cardigan can replace the jacket (at least for business outside of presentations). Choosing colors and lines that are complimentary to her skin and hair color and to her body shape ensures that a pregnant professional not only looks lovely but that she is also ready to get down to business.

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