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Just Because You're Pregnant...

Pregnancy can do funny things to women. Other than having a license to eat odd foods or combinations of foods that seem unreasonable, some pregnant women think that along with pregnancy comes a license to dress any way they want to dress. While it is wonderful that women express themselves more freely than ever, and maternity clothing has come leaps and bounds in terms of style and fashion - wearing anything you want, particularly if you are a career woman, is not always appropriate. If you wouldn't wear tights and spike heels before you got pregnant, don't wear them when you're pregnant, particularly to work.

Finding Career Fashions at Reasonable Prices

These days, career and motherhood can and often do go together, so becoming pregnant and maintaining your position is quite doable. But, the challenge for many pregnant women is to maintain a fashionable style without mortgaging the house to afford career maternity clothing. In light of the cost of maternity career suits and clothing that is important for a career woman in her pregnancy, we would like to offer a few tips that may help ease the financial stress a high-end wardrobe can bring.

During the initial stages of pregnancy, there's no telling exactly how much weight you will gain throughout the nine months, so purchasing a lot of clothing at the beginning of the pregnancy is not a good idea. Rather than investing in career maternity clothing at the outset, buy a few items with stretchy waistbands. These can be worn in the early stages of pregnancy and can be used after the baby is born until you can get into your regular sizes again.

Stick To the Basics, You'll Be Glad You Did

With all of the delicious maternity designer clothing out there, the temptation to buy trendy maternity clothing for work is hard to tame. However, if you check in with any savvy fashionista, she'll tell you that the best bet is to stick with some maternity wardrobe staples that will go the distance for you and can be worn in a variety of mix-and-match outfits. That also means using staple colors for your basics, like black, brown, gray, or navy. Dress them up with color in the form of tops, jewelry, scarves, or sweaters. If business attire is part of your career maternity wardrobe, then a classic dress that can easily go out to dinner as well is a good investment. When building your maternity career suits, buy one great, long, jacket. Buying non-trendy clothing is brilliant when you know you'll be planning for another baby because they don't go out of style.

Price Shop For The Best Deals

Career maternity clothing can be quite expensive which is why you should be sure to price shop. Some of your clothing will only be worn for a very short period of time so check around for the best prices before investing in high-priced items. The career section of Old Navy maternity is a great place to find classic styles at good prices. Plan on repeating your buying trips several times during your pregnancy because your size can change very rapidly. Buy as you go rather than buying in advance to avoid having clothing you've never worn hanging in your closet. By the way, the same goes for buying maternity formal wear. Making the purchase too far in advance can spell trouble. It's better to buy when you need the clothing than to spend a bundle too far in advance.

Since women with careers have babies all of the time, the styles and availability of career maternity clothing makes shopping easy. Check out what is available for career clothing at Old Navy and at any of the great maternity shops in your city or online.

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