Diaper Bags 

The Evolution of Diaper Bags

Many years ago diaper bags were pretty standard items. They had one or two zippers on the top, a pouch on the side and one on either end. The long strap was adjustable too so you could shorten it to suit your body length. It was usually made of plastic and lasted until the baby was about two or three years old. Then, due to weather conditions and general usage, it was finished. You had to buy another one when the next baby came along. We can take a step further back to discover that the "original" diaper bags were really emergency rucksacks used during the Napoleon Wars when families ran from invading armies. They morphed into simple canvas bags with straps and a pocket or two for milk bottles and cloth diapers in the 20th century. Today, you'd hardly recognize a diaper bag for what it is, given the fabulous designs and successful strategies to disguise it.

From the Old Days to the Present

Diaper bags come in any number of styles, designs, colors, fabrics, and sizes. Many of them do double duty as a purse as well. If you check the celebrity diaper bags on any of the online newsy sites, you would never know that the bag slung over the shoulder carried baby things - it's fabulous and probably cost more than some folks make in a week. But, even with all of the expensive bags on the market today, finding an affordable diaper bag isn't that hard to do. You can still get style, quality and serviceability without spending a lot of money.

Fleuville and Juicy Diaper Bags

Several designers have gotten into the groove and designed great bags for babies. Once such designer is Fleurville diaper bags, a company that uses environmentally-friendly fabrics and technologies that are PVC-free and lead-free. If you're star-gazing, you will see people like Ben Affleck and Sarah Jessica Parker sporting these bags. Another popular designer is Juicy, well known for any number of fashion items. Juicy diaper bags are contoured and sought after as a useful and stylish way of carrying around things that are essential for a day-time trip outside the house with baby. There's often enough room to take along a change for mom as well - an extra sweater or pair of leggings, even yoga attire if you're heading off for a session. No need for a gym bag when you've got one of these diaper bags.

OiOi - Designed by a Mom

Ten years ago an Australian woman named Lisa Bennett was inspired by the birth of her daughter to create a brand of accessories that are environmentally friendly and practical for modern mothers and their babies. The company is named OiOi Diaper Bags and has become an internationally recognized name in baby accessories, especially diaper bags. The OiOi Diaper Bags have been designed to accommodate baby's needs, including a change pad, hard cover baby wipes case, zip pockets, elasticized pockets, bottle holders, wipe bags, storage places, and fixer roller straps. Because this line was designed by a mom with a baby, you know it has the things moms look for in a bag. Externally, they're fashionable and the variety of designs cleverly hide the fact that they are diaper bags.

Skip Hop, Ever Popular

Skip Hop diaper bags come in more than 70 different designs and styles. A well known name in the industry, the bags are designed to handle everything from clothing changes to toys. They are very affordable, functional and they attach to the stroller so mom can be hands free. The Skip Hop diaper bag designs include backpacks, totes and hobo bags. Since they are really affordable, you might want to have a couple of them, one for the stroller and one for the car.

Personalized Diaper Bags

Then there are those really special items, like personalized diaper bags and handmade diaper bags. When a diaper bag is handmade, it often has all of the details that are missed in mass produced items. They are also made specifically for a woman and her baby, so each one is different. Personalized diaper bags make a very special gift. Having the baby's name or initials on the bag makes it a special item, not to be confused with any other diaper bag. In some cases, these bags can be designed in such a way as to become a school bag or tote for later on.

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