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Swimming is, without question, one of the best ways to get or stay fit without a lot of stress on bones, joints and muscles. The water creates buoyancy, and when you're pregnant, buoyancy is a good thing. Swimming is an aerobic activity that is safe for the body, tones the muscles, relaxes the mind and muscles, and allows for some great exercise - something all pregnant moms need.

She Wore A...Tankini

Some moms have to build up the courage to put on a swimsuit once they become pregnant. Their pre-pregnancy suit doesn't fit anymore and they feel self-conscious going out in public with their baby belly exposed. Well, fret no more, because there is a huge selection of affordable maternity swimwear for the choosing and you can swim until your heart's content in one of the many gorgeous styles. We'll start with the most popular maternity swimwear style, the maternity tankini. This style comes in halter top, adjustable straps, or criss-cross straps that cross in the back. The tankini offers a cover-up for the baby belly after the baby is born and provides for discreet nursing access from the band that goes under the bust. The tankini is great during pregnancy because the tops fit a growing belly and the accompanying curves. Color and patterns provide the fun and fancy in this timeless style.

One Piece, Separates and Halter Tops - The Selection is Great

Most maternity swimwear provides underwire or seaming for support and ruching has become very popular in two piece maternity swimsuits. The gathered effect of ruching makes the suit hug the belly to show off the masterpiece and allows for the ties at the bottom of the top to be loosened if needed. If a tankini isn't your thing and you'd prefer separates, then maternity swim shorts with a halter top could be the answer for you. Available in a bouquet of colors and made of superb elastic Lycra and spandex, the pieces are not only great for the job, but they're alive with fun and color. It is important to have enough stretch in the right places, and these separates provide it.

If you're a plus size, it doesn't mean you can't swim while you're pregnant. There are many lovely styles and sizes designed for plus size maternity swimwear in all of the same gorgeous colors and prints as regular size swimwear. Choose from halter top or strap tankinis, one pieces that have side ruching, separates, or - if you're into it - bikinis. Old Navy maternity swimwear is a great source for affordable maternity swimwear for all sizes.

Can I Afford This?

Sometimes swimwear can turn out to be more of an investment that you thought it would be. Something to consider when it comes to cost is to assess what you're getting. By purchasing maternity swimwear in black or a solid color, you reduce the chances of the pattern being "so last year", and by choosing a color that is within your own color pallet you won't end up with a trendy seasonal color that goes out of style. The tankini has a proven track record of fashion acceptability and remains a favorite with pregnant women. You can buy your maternity swimwear with a nursing bra feature which means you can use it long after baby is born, well into the next season of swimming. It can be well worth the investment.

Shopping for Deals

Check out Motherhood Maternity for affordable maternity swimwear, and you can find discount maternity swimwear on the clearance rack of your favorite maternity stores also. Bellablu has a great line of discounted maternity swimwear in their online shop. Most of the great names in maternity wear carry swimwear as well, so shop with your fingers first for great deals and fabulous designs in maternity swimwear.

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