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Since pregnancy spans three-quarters of a year, and since most women don't want to invest tons of money into a maternity wardrobe; it is prudent and just plain fun to know it is possible to dress well throughout the entire pregnancy without spending a lot of cash. The thing about pregnancy is that it isn't lifelong - after the baby is born you get to wear your own clothes again. Only, it could take a little while before they fit like they used to.

Maternity Blouses From Your Closet

Maternity clothes don't have to be "maternity wear" in the sense of being purchased in a department store in the maternity section. Empire-waist blouses, cardigans and dress shirts left open and untucked all serve the purpose with class and ease. As baby grows, so grows mommy, and a little round tummy soon becomes a burgeoning belly by the time the last trimester comes around. Remember though, that the blouses you wore at the beginning of your pregnancy will do quite nicely for after the baby is born. The transition period between birth and fitting into your slim jeans again requires shirts and blouses that are loose enough to be comfortable but not baggy.

The Seasons of Pregnancy

So, if we were to talk about pregnancy in "seasons", we could say that each trimester is a season and the fourth would be post-baby. In the first season of pregnancy loose fitting tops and under-the-belly jeans, skirts with stretchy waistbands and tie pants were likely the maternity clothes you wore. Those very same clothes can double as your post-baby wardrobe, with the addition of a solid-colored nursing tank (if you're breastfeeding) or a long layering tank under a shirt that may expose a bit more tummy and top than you'd like. Maternity dresses can also be enlisted to serve by adding a wide belt under the bust or at the waist to take away the fullness. Scarves are a great way to transition from one season to another. Long flowing scarves take attention away from clothing that isn't fitting quite the way you'd like it to fit and gives the sense of flare and finesse that we often see when we look at fashionistas.

Transitioning into Maternity Clothes

The second season will probably require a visit to the maternity section of Macy's or the maternity department at Nordstrom's. Maternity clothing as you approach your due date becomes a necessity for most women. Depending on the "real" season outdoors, your purchases can include long-sleeved hoodies and cardigans that work well in the autumn, spring, and on cool summer nights. Any short-sleeved maternity blouses you have can be worn over a long-sleeved t-shirt for cooler weather - as long as the color and cut is appropriate.

Putting on the Ritz

Speaking of color, the holidays are always a time to get a little flashy and you are sure to find some great tops in the maternity department of Old Navy. Old Navy's blouses, non-maternity, can work depending on where you are in your pregnancy. For the festive look, find shimmery material with special touches like beading, sequins or a metallic type of finish to the fabric. A maternity dress isn't the only way to show up for a party. A short-sleeved top with beading and a scoop neck looks fabulous with dark jeans, leggings or pants and a velvet blazer dressed up with pumps. It's a classy, timeless look that fits well at a dressy affair.

If you're looking for dressy tops without dressy prices, Old Navy has them. Most department stores carry a good line of maternity clothing without hefty price tags. If you managed to find a couple of wonderful maternity tops that you'd like to carry over to your post-baby days, but they're just a bit too roomy, try a belt or have them altered.

Maternity clothing can be costly and, whether you feel like it or not, you won't be pregnant forever. Check your closet for clothing you pull out when you've gained a few pounds. Be creative and you can turn those shirts and blouses into maternity wear with the addition of one or two pieces.

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