Designer Maternity Clothes

Designer and Celebrity Designer Fashions

As with all things "designer", there is a plethora of fabulous maternity wear and products that are fun to look at and even more fun to own. Maternity boutiques featuring specific designer labels often cater to the more affluent, but it is possible to find designer maternity clothes at discount prices in many maternity stores and online at places like Motherhood Maternity.

It seems that once a celebrity has had a baby or two, they start a maternity clothing line, featuring the styles and colors they loved to wear when they were pregnant. Celebrity maternity clothes from such well-known moms as Nicole Richie and Heidi Klum are available at upscale stores like A Pea in the Pod. But, you can also buy Liz Lange and Chiarakruza designer maternity clothing for discounted prices in the lines they produced for Target. Great clothing at great prices!

Plus Size Designer Maternity Clothing

There are a few designers who are plus size themselves and have created designer plus size maternity clothes for women who are style conscious and want trendy and fashionable maternity wear. Barbara Brickner, a plus size fashion model, has a line of designer plus size maternity clothes that treat the plus size woman with all the respect she deserves. The clothing is well designed, fabulous, and found in many maternity boutiques around the world.

Gotta Have 'Em - Designer Jeans

We all know that jeans are a must in everyone's wardrobe - pregnant or not. Designer maternity jeans are often an offshoot of the designer's line of clothing, so if you have a special designer whose jeans fit your body like they should, then they will likely have a maternity line that will do the job for you. Designer maternity jeans can help a woman feel great and even though it may seem unnecessary to spend a lot of money on something you will wear for less than a year, the fact is that in today's world, fashionable women know that designer jeans are a necessary part of the wardrobe. Citizens of Humanity offer trendy jeans in tight leg and boot-cut styles that fit and feel like your pre-pregnancy jeans. Juice Couture Maternity offers boot-cut stretch pants with a fun vintage look. Juicy Couture Maternity jeans have a three inch elastic waistband to allow for belly growth. Worth noting is the fact that this designer's cotton Lycra jeans tend to run small in size, so if you have a question about fit and you're shopping online, go one size up.

Thank Goodness for The Gap

Gap Maternity is a great place to shop. The Gap label is a standby when it comes to quality and selection, and the prices are usually a little lower than many designer fashions. If the pocketbook doesn't stretch quite that far, then keep your eye peeled for end-of-the-season sales where you can pick up gorgeous Gap Maternity fashions at a fraction of the price. Some of the styles can be worn in the following season, so don't feel you won't be able to find anything - you'll be pleasantly surprised by what is available and what can be worn in an off season.

Is That A Diaper Bag?

There are some designers that have made it their business to specialize in accessories. The designer diaper bags that are available now are amazing. You'd never know they were diapers bags by looking at them. They're chic, fun, and functional, with pockets and spaces for all the things you need to pack with you when you have a baby. It's like having a great purse - only it's a diaper bag. If you're like most women, one purse isn't enough, and it can easily be that way with designer diaper bags as well.

Shopping is more fun than ever.

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