Stylish Maternity Dresses

Trendy, Hip, Modern Maternity Clothes - Yay!

Depending upon your lifestyle and whether or not you work outside of the home, your pregnancy wardrobe may contain a lot of dress clothes or hip maternity clothes. One thing is for certain, there's no need to sacrifice your personal sense of style and fashion when you become pregnant. If anything, modern pregnancy clothes are more fun in many ways than your regular clothing.

Consider this - at what other time would you gratefully celebrate and show off a big belly? When you're pregnant, you can't wait for that pouch to grow into a ball and then you drape it with fine fabric that clings to it and show it off to the world. We have truly learned to celebrate our baby bumps, and that's a good thing. Remember, there was a time when women actually hid themselves, especially at the end of their pregnancies when walking looked more like waddling and size was not a thing to rejoice in. Thank goodness, that's changed and we can wear hip maternity clothing with joy and abandon.

The Non-Maternity Maternity Dress

Modern maternity dresses come in a plethora of designs, fabrics, and lengths. If you plan to spend your pregnancy in dresses, and that's great thinking by the way, then non-maternity dresses can be purchased without a lot of fuss. Long maxi dresses have become the non-maternity modern maternity dress thanks to Angelina Jolie. It's best to stick to dresses that fall at or below the knee in early pregnancy because as your baby bump grows, your dress will become shorter. Most maxi dresses are an empire cut which makes them perfect as modern pregnancy clothes.

Stylish Work Clothes for the Mom-to-Be

Stylish maternity dresses are a good choice for working women because you don't have to fuss with them. Matching tops to bottoms is unnecessary, the dresses are comfortable and classy as well. Cowl necklines are back, and the color of the fall-winter season is gray - in any of its many shades. A cowl neck maternity dress in a baby doll style paired with opaque hose and heels is a subtle and stylish maternity dress style for work. The maternity knit dress in the elegant and flattering kimono-inspired cut is very in. It has a gathered neckline in the front as well as the back, and elastic at the empire waist seam to create a blouson style, allowing a flexible fit.

The maxi dress that we talked about earlier is available in fall and winter styling with a V-neck and made of jersey, so it gently clings to the baby bump. This style is a trendy and hip maternity clothing fashion that will probably be around for a long time to come. Modern maternity dresses are a favorite with pregnant moms because they are versatile and easy to wear. Dress them up with some great accessories, or, if they're short enough, put a pair of leggings underneath, slip on some booties and you've dressed down for a relaxed time out. Any of the styles and fashions we have talked about here are available in maternity shops, department stores in the maternity section (or regular section if you're after a maxi dress) and at sites that feature maternity wear online.

Birthing Your Baby in Style

There's another kind of dress that doesn't get much publicity, it's the hospital gown. Now you can buy your own fashionable maternity hospital gown for your stay in the hospital when you give birth. The question is, do you really need a fancy hospital gown? Let's face it, you will probably wear it only for a few hours, during the time you're sweating and pushing out your baby. After that, you'll shower and put on something sweet that you brought along with you. On the other side of the coin, birthing day is a big deal and someone will be there with a camera to ensure the great event is recorded for all time. A dingy blue or green hospital gown may not make you feel as pretty as a picture - so there is merit to having a fashionable maternity hospital gown for those pictures after the birth. If you decide a great looking hospital gown is a fashion need, then check out B.Y.O.G. (yup, you guessed it - Bring Your Own Gown) for some cute hospital gowns that will look great in photos. You can pack yours along with your designer baby clothing in your overnight bag to take to the hospital. Birth your baby in style and bring the baby home in fashion.

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