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Let's Play Dress-Up

One thing is for sure - dressing up your baby is fun. It's almost like having a little dolly to dress, except that after a couple of months the little dolly's hands move faster than the eye. That's why it's important to keep a few things in mind when you're buying clothing for your baby. While it's wonderful to have an extensive wardrobe, the truth of the matter is that the chances of baby wearing everything in a huge wardrobe are slim to none. The reason is that babies grow very, very quickly and there just isn't enough time to get everything on them.

Buying Basics At Baby Stores

When it comes to infant clothing, you'll want enough of the basics to ensure you're not having to do laundry while baby sits wrapped in a blanket. That means several sleepers and undershirts. In those first weeks, you're probably going to dress baby in one-piece sleepers and outfits. They're simple and quick. Look for soft, roomy, and durable outfits in baby stores and specialty shops like baby clothing stores. You'll be able to find delicious fabrics and styles in trendy baby clothing in any of these kinds of shops. These items usually cost more, but it's worth the investment because the fabrics are softer and the construction of the clothing is such that there are no rough seams to scratch baby.

Designer Baby Clothing

Designer baby clothing is also worth the investment in terms of quality. Fabrics tend to hold their shape and color better, and the clothing washes and wears consistently well. Snaps, an important aspect of baby clothing, tend to open and close better on higher quality items and the fit is more predictable. Cheaper baby clothing may have a tendency to lose its shape, stretch or shrink when washed, and the snaps often fall off or do not stay fastened. The great thing is that you can find excellent designer baby clothing sales in baby clothing stores, especially at the end of the season. There are baby stores that offer discount baby clothing on an ongoing basis as well. These articles of clothing are quality pieces, trendy, designer baby clothes, but at discounted prices. They may have a flaw in the fabric, a button may be missing, the dye lot wasn't exactly right, or they may be end-of-the-season clothing. Regardless the issue, the deals are great for quality at discounted prices.

How Much Is Too Much?

You will want to purchase clothing several sizes bigger than baby is on the day you shop. Babies grow quickly and you'll be surprised how fast those adorable, trendy baby clothes are worn and outgrown. When looking for clothing, look for t-shirts that have snaps at the shoulders or down the front. Babies have this thing about having clothing, particularly tight clothing, pulled over their heads. Onesies that snap at the crotch are a popular item. You'll need several in a variety of sizes for the first year. Sweaters and leggings are a great combo for babies. By dressing them in separates, it is easier to just change a soiled article of clothing than having to switch an entire outfit.

Little Baby Girl Dresses

Little girls and baby dresses are almost a must. There are so many adorable dresses for little girls and dressing them up is so much fun. Although, you should be thinking about how often your baby will actually be needing to wear a dress. Unless you intend to keep her in dresses rather than leggings, jeans (when she starts to crawl) or one-piece outfits, then the need for dresses is somewhat limited. They are great in the summer, when little legs can be bare, but when the weather gets cooler, tights and leggings are almost a must. By having a few lovely dresses in "growing" sizes, you'll have plenty to choose from without having a dozen dresses in the closet that she'll never get to wear.

Today's trends tend toward urban wear and styles that mimic older kids clothing. Jeans and sweaters or sweatshirts remains a favorite in the cooler weather, and when baby is crawling around, a good pair of jeans preserves those little knees. Leggings and long sweaters for little girls are a standard (along with baby dresses), and the variety of colors and fashion available in trendy baby clothing almost defies description. So much to choose from in styles, quality and prices that make shopping a joy.

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