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Stretching the Wardrobe

Dressing for work can be a challenge at any time, but when you're pregnant, the challenge is taken to a whole new level. With the added dimensions (literally) of a belly and a growing chest, concealing pregnancy can go on for only so long. The good news is that for the first three months of your pregnancy your regular wardrobe will probably be fine as maternity work clothes. You may have to get a bit creative, like adding a belly band to hide an open zipper, or looping an elastic band through a button hole to add an inch or two to the waist of your favorite pants, but overall you should be able to carry it off until you're belly is big enough to warrant maternity clothes.

What To Wear To Work...

The one thing most pregnant women want to avoid when it comes to "what to wear to work outfits", is having to spend a lot of money revamping a wardrobe. There's no doubt about it, clothing can eat up a large portion of your paycheck, and you don't get to wear the maternity clothes for very long. Although, the clothing that you wear at the beginning of your pregnancy will serve you well once the baby is born, before you get your pre-pregnancy body back again.

Five Easy Pieces That Work Together

For women who work, maternity apparel has to fit the bill. You can get away with loose shirts for a while but sooner or later you're going to have to do something about your outfits. Fashion designer Liz Lange, whose clothing line is available in many major department stores in the US and UK as well as online, has a few tidbits of excellent counsel for maternity work clothing. She says, "If your job calls for more formal business attire, I recommend five key pieces in similar fabrics and complimentary shades: pants, a skirt, a jacket, a dress, and a tunic top." Check out Liz Lange fashions online under maternity work wear UK.

By combining and mixing-and-matching the various pieces, you can come up with at least six outfits using those five items alone. Be sure to purchase the outfits in a darker neutral color (because it tends to go with just about everything) and in a stretchy, easy-to-wear fabric. Wearing clingy pieces is far more flattering than baggie or tent-like creations. Add a bright colored maternity work shirt or sweater and you've just extended the choices again. Don't be shy about hitting your friends and relatives up for maternity clothing they've finished with for now. Online auction sites and online gently used clothing sites are another option for great buys at little investment.

Don't Forget Shoes

Don't forget your feet. When you are pregnant, your feet will likely widen with some swelling. It isn't permanent and it isn't terminal, but it can make your regular shoes uncomfortable. Purchase some cute, low heel shoes in a size larger than you usually buy to accommodate the change in foot size. If you prefer a little height, then go for a chunky heel that still gives some stability and comfort to the shoe.

Formal Attire, Wedding Dresses, and Workout Clothing

What if I have a formal affair to attend? Well, there are two options, borrow or buy a dress or wear your little black dress that is part of your five easy pieces wardrobe. Just as in your pre-maternity days, the little black dress always makes a statement. Dress it up with classy jewelry, or a magnificent painted scarf, patent leather belt, or dangling treasures of your choice and you're good to go. You can definitely create maternity dress attire from your work wardrobe by adding a glitzy top to your pants or skirt as well.

Maternity bridal gowns can be purchased from specialty stores or you can create your own by wearing a flowing empire waist dress or gown. What is really important to remember is that there are no rules (unless you make some) about what is right. Wear the clothing that you feel beautiful in, clothing that makes you happy and feels comfortable. You will probably find that your maternity clothing choices are not too different than what your choices are when you're not pregnant.

If you're a fitness person, and when you're pregnant fitness is an important component of the experience, then you'll be happy to know that maternity workout clothing is very close to your yoga pants and tops that you probably already wear. You can purchase tie-string pants and crop tops, or use the ones you already have to do your workouts. Purchasing special workout clothing probably won't even be necessary if you already have some low-rise pants and shirts that are okay to sweat in. However, you may want to put a great maternity hoodie over top, just for the fun of it all.

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