Sex in the First Trimester

Hormonal fluctuations as well as trimesters figure into your reactions to lovemaking. In your first trimester you may find that emotionally the pressure of becoming pregnant is gone, you're both much more relaxed and able to enjoy sex again.

On the other hand, you may be conflicted about sex and your self-image may begin to change to more of an "I'm going to be a mother" view. Then again, some women are totally consumed with the thought and idea of sex, dreaming and fantasizing about it.

The physical changes in the first trimester can work for and against pleasurable sex. Your breasts undergo the most and fastest changes in the first trimester.

You may find them too sore to touch or the sensitivity might just make things more pleasurable. Your appetite for sex may be diminished significantly as a result of nausea and vomiting, not to mention fatigue.

If you are threatening miscarriage, then the number of orgasms you have will be limited - but they may last a lot longer than you ever remember, causing a feeling of tension in your vagina and clitoris.

Sex in the Second Trimester

The second trimester brings about a more relaxed attitude and a better emotional balance as you feel more comfortable in your skin. Your new figure just might make you feel very sexy - especially if you're not feeling sick.

Men react differently in the second trimester, mostly concerned with either hurting the baby or fearful of the baby figuring out what's going on between mom and dad. Some dads begin to express jealousy at the bond between mother and the unborn baby.

Physiologically, the vagina is even more lubricated and the vagina and clitoris are very engorged. Everything is right out there and this is when multi-orgasms are most likely to happen.

Sex in the Third Trimester

By the time the third trimester rolls around, the emotional changes in you may swing from feeling sexy to feeling like your body is gross and your partner hates the way you look.

On the contrary, many men find the fullness of their partner's body to be erotic and lovely. This is another opportunity to communicate with one another. Fatigue can be an issue, especially as you get closer to your due date. And, positioning will require some creativity.

Just remember that it isn't particularly safe for you to lie on your back. Side positions, like spooning or other rear entry positions are good as are the you-on-top positions.

When you have an orgasm at this point in your pregnancy, the spasm (not a contraction) can last upwards of a minute.

You may experience contractions after sex if you're really close to your due date. Since you will be so engorged, you may not have real relief from the sexual tension you experience.

Pain or spotting might happen after sex if baby's head is in the pelvis - this is normal. And, don't worry, if you aren't dilated or the cervix isn't ripe, sex won't trigger labor.

It's the Best

There's no time like pregnancy. Relax and enjoy every aspect of it, including sex and orgasm.

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