Let Down Pain

Let down is the term used to describe the milk ejection reflex, that is, when the brain releases a rush of oxytocin that makes the milk start flowing.

Different women feel the let down differently. Some women don't feel anything, many feel a tingling in their breasts and nipples and some feel real pain.

Let down pain usually subsides as the milk flows out of the breast. Let down pain between feeds can be relieved by applying direct pressure to your nipples. Generally let down pain lessens as the baby gets older.

Plugged Nipple Pores

Also known as blebs or nipple blisters, plugged nipple pores are very painful during a feed. Opening up the blister will bring instant relief.

Pregnant Again?

If breastfeeding begins to hurt after a period of pain free nursing, you may be pregnant. The hormones of pregnancy cause our nipples to be very sensitive.

You may experience a few minutes of soreness as your child begins to suck. Don't worry if you are not ready to wean, this soreness will subside as the pregnancy progresses.


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