Why Volunteer At School?


It Might Just Work


In our hectic twenty first century lives, the commonplace situation of both mom and dad working can result in parents and their children seeing too little of each other. Volunteering at your child's school can be a way to spend more time in each other's presence.


Connect with Your Kids


Often parents feel frustrated by what they perceive as a lack of contact between the child's school and their private home life. Your physical presence at the school can bridge this distance, and mesh the separate worlds of home and school.


Mom to Many, Dad to Dozens

It isn't only your own daughter or son who benefits from your volunteer activities. By taking the time to be there and show interest, you can make a difference to many children.

Share the Burden


Classroom volunteering facilitates better student learning, by effectively reducing the class size. When a mother or father helps out, there are fewer children the teacher has to focus on at any particular time. The teacher then can provide a more intimate, quality classroom environment.

Puts Focus on Your Child

Volunteering at your child's school has the added benefit of showing teachers how interested you are in you son or daughter's education. When teachers and staff are aware that a student's parents care, they may take a natural avid interest in helping the student succeed.


A Strong Message

Kids typically may complain that their parents do not pay attention to the things that are important to them. Even if they do not voice this opinion, children can feel emotionally abandoned by this attitude. When mom or dad volunteers at school, the child receives a strong message that the world of world is noticed by his or her parents. Just being there communicates that you are acknowledging interest in what goes on in your son or daughter's daily life.  


A Different Light

As a parent, you raised your child from infancy, and you know your child best. Or, do you? Volunteering at school may help moms and dads see their children in different settings. The way your child behaves at home or may be very different from the behaviors your son or daughter exhibits in social situations with friends. You can learn more about your son or daughter's total personality when you observe him or her among peers.


Visit Your Child's Planet

While your child may not be from Mars, school can sound to parents like a different world. Being there as a volunteer clues you in as to  what your child experiences away from your home. You will have a chance to get to know some of the people that your child talks about, who, until you meet them, are just a blur of names. Mom and Dad may even pick up some school lingo and get to see the latest kid fads. They can use this information to speak to their children using their language.

In short, volunteering at school can help you to both communicate and relate to your child.

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