Simple Steps to a Happy Healthy Pregnancy

Rest and Relaxation
A relaxing activity, whether it's reading, standing under a hot shower or just going on a quiet stroll, can make all the difference during your pregnancy. Engaging in gentle activities will help keep you calm in the face of all the anxieties that surround a pregnancy. You're also sleeping for two now and so may need more shut-eye. If you are currently napping during the day, try and nap in the morning. This is less likely to interfere with your nighttime sleeping routine.

Good Eating Habits
Proper nutrition and drinking plenty of fluids will make all the difference to you and your baby. Rather than eating a few large meals, eat many smaller meals throughout the day. This will keep your baby satiated and make food digestion easier on your stomach.

Low-impact exercises such as yoga, swimming or walking provide innumerable benefits for a pregnancy. Women who exercise experience less stress, suffer fewer pregnancy discomforts and have faster labors.

Plan Your Days
If you know that you're going to be entertaining guests, or spending a long time on your feet, try to plan ahead. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes, and make up for your busy time by promising yourself some quiet time later on. If you're going on an outing, be sure to pack enough water and healthy snacks. Pregnancy is all about responsibility for your health and the wellbeing of your baby.

Wear Comfortable Clothes
Among the many pregnancy-induced discomforts you'll be experiencing, uncomfortable clothing should not be one. Always opt for loose-fitting cotton and stay away from tight clothes that don't allow your skin to breathe. Take extra care to find a supportive and comfortable bra; painful breast tenderness can be remedied by proper support.

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How I wish I will get pregnant soon. Whenever I see pregnancy tips like this, I will always have a feeling like as if I am pregnant or will get pregnant anytime soon. My doctor told me that there’s nothing wrong with me and same thing goes to my hubby; maybe in God’s time our angel will come. My hubby and I have already done everything like pregnancy books, consultation, even went to see a doctor to take care of us but none of them still works. I don’t think it is still early for us to have a baby; we are already on our early 30s and have been married for 4 years already. I don’t know maybe it is not yet the right time? I hope so. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this post.
13 years ago