Make Pregnancy Easier

During pregnancy it seems that the simplest things are the best. It doesn't matter whether it is something to make sleep easier, clothing that moves with you instead of binding, or an elastic belly belt to help lessen the load of a growing belly. Pregnant women find those special, simple things they can't do without to be life savers during the time they're waiting to give birth.

A Great Hold Up

One example is the belly belt, as we mentioned above. Some women experience a lot of pubic pain during their pregnancies and these great elastic straps help hold the weight of the baby, taking pressure off the pubic area and helping to prevent swelling and aches. Light weight and easy to get on and off, they provide an aching women with almost instantaneous relief. They're not expensive and they really work well. You can find them online or in maternity stores everywhere.

Fun for a While

While the joy of having cleavage can send some women over the moon, rapidly growing breasts can keep you shopping for bras almost every week. One way to extend the life of your bra is with extenders. These little whatzits hook onto the back of the bra, providing extra space in the ribcage. They will at least give you a few more weeks of wear for your bra before you fill the cup to overflowing and need to move up a size or two. Sleep bras protect your breasts during sleep, making it much more comfortable than trying to negotiate the best way to place your body to avoid squishing your chest and causing pain.

Itching and Stretching

Itchy skin has got to be one of the worst things ever. We know that not all creams and lotions are safe - however, there are some that are very safe and provide wonderful relief for itching and some even claim to shrink stretch marks. Organic olive oil is very safe, and it leaves your skin soft and smooth. Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion is safe for pregnant women. If you're looking to reduce stretch marks, we hear that Mama Bee Belly Butter by Burt's Bees is the way to go. Aloe vera gel kept chilled is a great massage item for hot nights when sleep is elusive.

Can't See My Feet

By the time a woman hits the end of the second trimester, bending down to zip or tie shoes is something to be avoided. Slip-on shoes make getting dressed to go out easier. Instead of struggling with shoes, just slide the feet into them and you're good to go. Flip flops in the summer are indispensible as well as comfortable. Just get the kind with some support to protect your arches.

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