Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

When you do decide the time is right to share the news of your pregnancy with others, don’t let yourself get tongue-tied! There are tons of fun and creative ways to announce your pregnancy that will be well received by all!

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Put the news inside a pink or blue balloon and let the person you’re telling pop it
  • For your partner, try leaving out the pregnancy test where you know he might find it
  • Buy a suitably sloganed t-shirt and reveal it to family and friends
  • For those who are looking for a more dramatic approach, try a public announcement. For example, when at a local sports game have the announcer share the news.
  • For pregnancy announcements that come around the holidays, try incorporating a theme into your announcement. For example, for Easter, try placing your message into a hollow egg; if you become pregnant around Christmas, buy baby stockings and gift them to friends or family!
  • If you want to announce your pregnancy to friends and family who are long distance, you can mail them a pregnancy announcement card giving them all the details (such as your pregnancy due date and even a picture of your pregnant belly), or you can also try sending out interactive e-cards every so often that’ll keep your loved ones up-to-date on the different stages of your pregnancy

And of course, once you make the announcement, you'll have to start thinking about your baby shower!

For great baby shower themes, games and food ideas, check out this informative page on! You'll also find tons of suggestions for popular and unique baby names.

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Table of Contents
1. Announcing Your Pregnancy
2. Creative ways to spill the beans
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