You will have a girl if:

  • baby’s heart rate is faster than 140 beats per minute
  • you are carrying high and all over
  • your urine is clear
  • your left breast is bigger than your right
  • you sleep on your right side

String and ring test

This "test" can also predict whether you will have a boy or girl. Tie your wedding band or other ring on to a piece of string. Hold this string so that the ring hangs down in front of your belly.

Gently swing the string: if the ring moves in a circular pattern, you are having a boy; if it moves in a straight line, you are having a girl.

Chinese Lunar Calendar

The Chinese lunar calendar is a calendar that can be used to predict the sex of baby.  This is how it works. The age of the mother when the baby is conceived is selected on a horizontal column, while the month of conception of the child is on a vertical column.

The place on the chart where these two meet will say either boy or girl.

The Chinese have used this method to predict their babies sex for centuries. In fact, an old Chinese lunar calendar was found in an ancient Royal Tomb near Peking.

Authorities predict that the calendar is about 900 years old and it is on view at the Institute of Science in Peking. In Chinese society, it was so important to know the gender of the baby, parents-to-be often consulted this special calendar even before conception!

Some say it is 80% effective, while many agree that it is accurate just 50% of the time.

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1. Predicting Baby's Gender
2. You're having a boy if...
3. It is a girl?
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