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Pregnancy insomnia is not usually a serious problem, however, sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome can evolve from it. If either of these two disturbances accompany insomnia during pregnancy, the doctor should be notified and the condition monitored.

Usually it is over at the end of the pregnancy but in some cases it has been known to continue after the birth of the baby.

Ovulation and Baby Insomnia

Ovulation insomnia generally occurs during the menstrual cycle. Progesterone, which promotes sleep, drops significantly during menses and rises again during ovulation. The drop in progesterone causes insomnia in women who are not pregnant.

Then, there's baby insomnia (commonly attributed to that catch-all - baby colic). In fact, there may be a variety of reasons baby isn't sleeping at night. Hunger may be one, but the more frequent culprit is baby digestive reflux. A visit to the pediatrician and some helpful hints from your own research can readily change the dynamic.

Pregnancy Insomnia Treatment Tips

Pregnancy insomnia treatment is best done without medications.

Prenatal yoga and relaxation techniques are often very helpful.

A warm bath before bed, a glass of warm milk, and the use of a pregnancy pillow for comfort can also aid in sleep.

Keep the water intake down in the evening to lessen the pressure on the bladder

If moving around in bed at night is difficult, try silky sheets and nightwear that slide easily when you move.

Journal to rid your mind of worries and remember that being anxious that you're not sleeping is only going to keep you awake.

Pregnancy Insomnia Medications

In the event that sleep totally escapes you night after night, pregnancy insomnia medication may be necessary. Depression and anxiety can be causes for insomnia in some women and need to be treated in order to give relief.

Drugs that have data indicating they have not been associated with an increase in risk of birth defects are the proper choice. Your health care professional can give you information and a prescription should it be necessary.

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