How To Get Yourself and Other Half Exercising

Now that baby is born and you have stopped nursing, you may still be trying to lose that pregnancy weight. The best approach is to get fit and to get a partner to help motivate you.

Getting fit is one of those things that take time…and a lot of patience. It’s also harder for many when attempted alone. A new study led by Laura Cobb at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has found that, when one partner in a relationship begins a regular exercise routine, there’s a good chance that the other half will follow.

Based on an analysis of more than 3,000 couples in America, the study was based on two recordings of physical activity six years apart. So is the best way to improve your partner’s fitness to improve your own first? Although it may be a little harder to get back on track with fitness after starting a family for example, it shouldn’t be an excuse for you and your partner not to stay fit and healthy.

There is a reason that organisations like Weight Watchers are succeeding, and there is a reason that members of those organisations are managing to lose weight. Seeing people working together at the gym is a common thing and there has been a lot of study done to discover whether it can lead to weight loss benefits; in fact, another study based on Weight Watchers groups discovered that members lost twice as much as people taking part in standard weight loss without a support system. In another study, 50,000 women were separated with half being given weight loss advice in the form of written materials and with the others taking part in 18 group sessions; those who worked out together lost significantly more weight than those who were losing weight alone.

Being overweight or obese is very common in America and the UK and so working together with your partner to get healthier is likely to always be a good thing. We asked some health professionals for a few ideas that can help spur your partner on, they suggested the below:

Eat Together

With busy work schedules sometimes getting in the way, eating together can be difficult – but it can also be a real benefit. Cooking a healthy meal that you’ll both enjoy can very quickly become a part of your routine and if you take it in turns then there is a lot of space for experimenting and trying new things. Cooking with new methods and ingredients is a great way to discover new, healthy options and sharing the experience with your partner can not only bring you closer together, but it can also guarantee that you both stay on

Take Up A Sport

Taking up a sport together can be the best way to help get your partner fit. There are so many different activities out there and competing together can be an amazing way to get closer too. Start from scratch or choose something that you can already do, but in any case, it’s a brilliant way to have fun and make sure that you’re both getting some of the regular exercise that you need.


Actions might speak louder than words, but it’s always a real boost to let your partner know that you’ve noticed the effort and the change. Nothing gives more confidence than an admiring glance and so it’s great to tell them that the lifestyle changes and effort has been worth it. It’s also likely to lead to motivation in return – it’s a cyclical process and getting fit as a team is all about give and take.

Fitness is one of those things that can very quickly fall into place as a part of your regular routine, and even if you have little ones running about already, or are expecting a bundle of joy soon; your health should not be neglected in the long run. It does not have to be a struggle and if you keep it varied and exciting, then you’re sure to see your fitness improve in no time at all, especially if you and your partner enjoy it together.

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