Marijuana And Breastfeeding

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olivia - July 30

My uncles ex wife did with my four cousins. At least 3 of them smoke pot now, I am not sure about one of them, but I think their mother still does too so that could have something to do with it.


maliksmom - November 5

unfortunately i don't have any answers or scientific research to share. all i have is an opinion. sorry angel. i know how frustrating it can be not receiving the information that is so greatly needed. but, i don't think there is any substantial information that says "yes' or "no". so, with that said, my suggestion is to try and do what is in your power. if it is just recreational, stop until your baby isn't dependent on your body anymore. that is the safest choice as of now. i used to be an every day smoker myself. i phased it out to occasional use a few years before i got pregnant with my son. i didn't smoke or drink thru my pregnancy and i have only drank when I have milk pumped up so the alcohol can exit my system. there have been studies that show that children who's mothers drank on a daily basis ended up a bit slower than the ones who's mother didn't. i am just a__suming the same would be for mj. i say the more i can do to help my child succeed, the better. if some day in their teens, hopefully after their teens, their 20's would be better. if they come to me and want to experiment with mj, i will not condone it. i will only give them my honest opinion. which is that mj isn't best when done daily, it is funner and more enlightening to do on an occasional basis but not necessary for enlightenment or brainstorming. it has just seemed to help me in that way, on occasion. not always, sometimes it has just made me tired and munchie. which isn't that great. I'm sure i will try it again after my year i plan to b___st feed, 5 months into it so far. i will be doing this outside of my home away from my child. i truly believe all smoke is harmful to your children. so, do as you will, but just remember, if it isn't necessary, it might be wise to just postpone your mj use till your child doesn't need your milky anymore. :) your friend


venus_in_scorpio - November 19

hm.. i probably wouldnt but i have a friend who did and theres nothing wrong with her daughter. depends on what you can live with.


Hopeforlove - January 21

Wow, I have read all the messages above and I am totally and completely amazed by people's ability to find excuses to conceal what is so obvious to continue indulging into pleasures that they cannot generate on their own, without the use of anything. I am amazed that in order to stop getting her child high every day by smoking a drug, be it a legal or illegal one, this woman wants scientific research. Please, research is polit_ts and money, if there are no studies published about it, then exercise your doped brain to figure out why. It is "proven" that MJ or any kind of drug containing CHEMICAL compound Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol has effects on the brain. Yes, it is unclear which kind of effects but they are still EFFECTS. It is hard to conclude what effects this substance can produce in babies. Since it is hard to study brain in general, let alone a baby's brain. Also, we don' t know enough to understand what is truly a human brain. Thus, while you are going to be waiting for some science to emerge to explain to you FOR SURE what you are doing to your own child, your baby's brain continues developing. An infant brain is a mystery so far. However, we know that it is developing extremely rapidly. IF there is no inteference. By making your baby receive the physoactive chemicals every day, you are DRASTICALLY changing his/her brain development. You can call it a judgement, or simply a fact, whatever you prefer (and we know the reason why, so you can find another excuse to continue making yourself and your baby HIGH). Please, selfish addicted mother, think hard. When you smoke, do you change. I am sure the answer is yes. Your brain and nevours system start functioning differently. So, the same is happening to your child. The neurons slow down and do not reach the point of their destination as quickly as they are supposed to do. Thus, your child is not going to be an A -student in school. What I am saying is that you can screw around with your own brain as much as you want, it is a fully developed brain (well, this remains a question in your case). But give a chance to your child to see the world with clear eyes. I bet you he/she would tell you, Mum please don 't give me that chemical to drink with your milk, I want to develop fast and properly. GIVE ME A CHANCE, MUM!!!!!!


jk630 - February 15

I just wanted to post a quick response to those who say that if certain people find out about mj smoking they will take your baby away. When I was in labor, they asked me if I had done any illegal drugs while I was pregnant. I told them I had smoked mj. They did a blood test on me and my child and told me social services MIGHT contact me, but most likely not since they consider mj HERBAL! I never spoke to a social worker or another doctor regarding the issue. Just thought I would share my experience for those who could be spreading false information. Regarding the issue of doing it while bfing. I think like everything else, do what is best for your family. I have done my research and I feel comfortable with my decision.


Sugarluv2283 - April 11

The question is whether formula feeding or b___stfeeding with a little THC in it is worse. The answer formula is worse. They have done a study on prescription drugs and b___stfeeding and they found that the baby got 0.3% less than the mother did, which is trace amounts. Of course nothing is good in excess and I believe that smoking marijuana can shorten your milk supply but will do the baby no immediate harm. Again lack of research, so there might be some long term affects but probably no more than and lung problems. With trace amounts it may do nothing. If anything the mother is more able to take of the baby because they wont get frustrated as easy. The most important thing is concentrating on being a good parent. If your baby is happy and healthy, that is what matters. The people who say it is bad are ignorant. Cannabis is natural. The smoking is the worst part, if you ate it the baby probably wouldn't get any harmful chemicals, but that is not confirmed.


lilmamaT - April 11

I do have to say that I know, when you smoke marijuana thc does stick to the fatty acids in your body. Let me ask what is b___st milk and what is in your b___st. It's fat, some of the thc will go to your child's brain. I totally agree with happy mommy. Were not judge mental but when you ask a question like that, think about it. Think about this your child can't say know Mom I don't want you to smoke pot can you please stop. Your making that decision for your child and it's not FAIR.


Alexis - April 27

Angel, I believe that Anything you find here is simply a matter of opinion. You should do the research yourself and draw your own conclusions. The only thing I see here is a bunch of biased opinions. My Aunt smokes marajuana every day for medicinal purposes, and when pregnant, she was NOT advised to stop her regimen, and when she was concerned about b___stfeeding, the Doc. simply advised to "Pump and Dump". Oh yeah, she gave birth to a healthy 8lb8oz baby girl. And at 3 months is developmentally on track. Do the research, find pros and cons (although I'm sure you're more likely to find cons accounting to the fact the mj is illegal) and find your own conclusion.


beth1975 - April 27

This world would be a better place and there would be a lot less uptight people if mj were legal. I am willing to bet if it were legal all the uptighties would be smoking. I can say this, it makes me a BETTER mom. When I smoke I have way more patience and am way more relaxed. I don't drink which is funny because everyone thinks THATS ok to do!!


tryingx3 - April 27

why does this come up now? this thread was started almost 2 years ago.


candaceann1 - April 27

beth1976-could the reason your more relaxed be because your stoned? You have to be stoned to be a better parent. What a LOSER you are!!!


trpnstn1 - March 8

The issue of moderation is being ignored here. The excessive use of ANY drug - legal or not - when pregnant or nursing would be a bad idea. However, the MODERATE use of many substances may be indicated because the benefits outweigh the risks. For example, some women swear that the only way they could keep food down in the first trimester was by smoking MJ. That said, when comparing the effects of MJ use IN MODERATION with the use of alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs, and the like, or consumption of pesticides on produce, there doesn't seem to be a significant increase in negative outcomes. Try as they might, government funded researchers have been unable to show that MJ use by a pregnant or b___st feeding mother INDEPENDENTLY causes a negative outcome. Negative outcomes have been linked more to demographic variables common to MJ users than exposure. In fact, b___st milk WITH THC is deemed better than no b___st milk at all. For some women, the use of MJ is medicinal. It relieves pain, stimulates appet_te, helps with stress, etc. Would it be better for the baby to drink milk with small amounts of INACTIVE (by that time) THC or to have THC free milk but a stressed out, hurting, sick mother? When I had my C-section they pumped me full of all kinds of HARD HEAVY DRUGS and, due to complications, kept me on them for almost a month. During that time I was still encouraged and supported in b___stfeeding. I can hardly believe that the effects of MJ use would be worse that all the opiates they had me on. Also, I was raised by parents that used MJ and know many mothers that used while pregnant and/or nursing. Three generations back in CA and the children, and their children, are college educated, politically aware, functional, successful people. The key is in the reason for use and the amount. Any mother that is high on ANY thing most of the time is then NOT present in a REAL way for her child is being a neglectful parent, even if the high is due to TV, soaps, the gym, food, legal drugs, or the like. My mom's mom smoked cigs and drank, and her mom before that. LOTS of women throughout history had substances WAY more harmful than MJ in their milk! Instead of seeing this issue as black and white, why not see that there can be, and ARE, many circ_mstances where the use of MJ when pregnant or b___stfeeding WAY out weighs the risks and STOP judging other people! If MJ helps you to stay out of pain, to eat, to function better, then it's benefits may outweigh the risks. As every mother knows, you can't take care of your baby when you don't take care of yourself! Come on people, even though the government would like you to think so, MJ isn't NEARLY as toxic or dangerous as alcohol, and "they" say it's OK to drink IN MODERATION!


jenna32 - March 9

Regardless of how safe marijuana is or not, this isn't about marijuana vs. alcohol or anything...any drug you use while b___stfeeding should not be allowed in the actual b___st milk. i have barely had more then a drink or 2 since having my baby and avoided alcohol the whole pregnancy. I know you may end up missing the bond that comes with b___stfeeding but there comes a day anyways. It is not difficult to use formula,even for awhile. if youwant to that badly just ask a professional like a doctor and pump and dump until it is out of your system. The bottom line is, do you really want your innocent baby to be exposed to that? He/She is depending on you to keep her healthy and who knows, she could develop a dependency for it. It also isn't setting a very good example.


Chrissy15342 - June 28

I think still smoking said it best read what still smoking has said for the majority of these answeres it sounds like they can use some I can undertand there concern but at the same time there's better ways of saying it without sound like a complete a__s


Sblmgrl - August 30

I used to smoke pot. I quit when I found out that I was pregnant at 5 weeks along....I didn't smoke anymore because everytime I did I would get paranoid...even before I got pregnant I would get paranoid if I was high when i was around kids. I would think, "what kind of people are we to be high around children?" Smoking pot, being high, or not being sober, taking care of your kids or any kids is not ok..I know what its like being stoned or want to 'relax' to take the stess off....but face it, and get over it. This is life u only get to live it once for now and why spend it high and forget raising your child?...Short term memory loss is a major side effect...remember?...What if one day u forgot your kid in the car? People do that. I'm just saying its not worth it. Why risk it? Ya know?


alex1178 - January 13

search dr. melody dreher on youtube and see for yourself.



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