Marijuana And Breastfeeding

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alex1178 - January 13

search dr. melody dreher on youtube and see for yourself.


nonjudgemental - June 19

I don't think everyone should smoke and b___stfeed, but people should know their facts before speaking their mind. I have been doing a lot of research because I am activley trying to get pregnant and much of it actually showed that children who b___stfed while their mother smoked pot actually were higher academically than others. Google marijuana and b___stfeeding and many websites will come up showing both sides. Since the government refuses to do marijuana experiments, the negative comments are based on not a whole lot. I am a responsible adult, a teacher none the less. I own two homes, I have a career I am successful at, I am happily married with lots of friends, and I have a very stable life. I am a pot smoker. I am not a drug abuser and I am tired of people looking down on others when they know nothing about the topic. How many of you judgemental people injested caffiene while pregnant? (don't forget that there is a lot of caffeine in chocolate) Caffeine research shows many more side effects in children.


tanadjo - September 4

livs, how is this true


tanadjo - September 4

to nonjudgemental could you give me your email so we could email. I have some questions


NavyMom - September 23

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! marijuana wow


xxpiratexxprincess - December 15

I read some of these posts and came to the conclusion that ignorance is bliss! We are supossibly living in the country (USA) that freedom of press and speech is a const_tutional right, but is frowned upon once in action. The media and government is allowed to say whatever they wish and it is the right way, but once a civilian speaks out they are to be shuned, almost a social feather and taring. Right now with MJ busts of co-ops and dispenseries the contraversary of MJ is being brought up once again. You ask for research, and shall never fully receive your answer. There's two sides and can both be 'proven' as the right answer. In the end, its all up to your personal choice,YOUR decision and experiences is your research. I also was an avid 'researcher' when I found out I was pregnant (8 weeks in). I literally made myself a crazed, hormonal woman in trying to find out what to do, what not to do, what to eat, if I could smoke, how much, if I had a gla__s of wine would I hurt my sunshine growing inside, all these questions, and I only got answers saying 'no NO no! Don't! Can't! NEVER!' Almost as if to live in a bubble until the childs eating solids, then they have to live in a bubble and you can go back to chocolate, caffine, alcohol and smoking. I finally threw out the books, blocked the parenting sites and went with my own intuitions, cravings and came out having a healthy and amazing pregnancy. I made the personal choice to smoke occasionaly until quiting in my 4th month. My son weighed 7lbs 10oz, healthy as can be, and latched on great right after birth, impressing all the midwives! He was also way calmer and instantly resonsive to voices (normally doesn't happen til 2 months). My son is almost 3 months and I began smoking when he was about 1 1/2, smoking only about 3 times a week. He is also way ahead of all the milestones! He can already roll over both ways, front and back, respond to emotions and voices, sit up alone, bear weight on legs, sleep through the night, giggle and laugh. I am not being dramatic either. He's doing things at a 5-6 month milestone. I'm not being selfish, I actually think I am helping, instead of pumping my body with 'man-made' drugs for a cold, or headache, or any pain, a hit or two and I feel better. Its herbal. If the government said that ginsing or cinnamon causes brain defects in infants of b/f mothers, there would be a frenzy of people saying 'how?, why?, no!' And soon enough a mother would be shuned if she had a cinnamon roll or ginsing tea during b/f. Which is totally outrageous!! Herbs and spices are used as medical remidies and are natural, way better than synthetic meds that become addicting.(Oxy, vic) I grew up with hippie parents but they had to quit cause of illegalization and my father was diagnosed with cancer in tumor form, from the chemo he lost teeth enamel, hair, appet_te and emotional distance. Once he started smoking again the tumors shrunk drastically, and he gained weight back, quit chemo and became healthier than before. I thank MJ for that. If people self medicated the pharmisutical companies would perish. Don't you see all the commercials of meds aka drugs being recalled or side effects being ten times worst then what it supposibly is treating! Its rediculous! Sorry I am rambling about MJ in general, I just feel strongly about people saying its bad and wrong when its saving lives way better than any man-made drug, just cause its man-made don't make it right or safe. Now b___stfeeding and smoking marijuana.. Most likely in our history our ancestors (neanderthals) smoked or injested herbs, including MJ that made our bodies evolve in self producing hormones to help with nutrition,including thc that is already present in b___stmilk from this evolving, to help with appet_te and urge of cravings. So adding only a small amout (total of about .03 %) of thc would do no drastic amount of harm to a developing child. And about the comment that explained the brain developement and effects needs to further advance on education of their own comment to realize that we only know less than 10% of the functioning of the brain. Therefore the effects that MJ could be helping that other 90%, actually making our future generations better! Use a stoners brain and think what if!? Think of possiblities instead of facts. Its been proven that facts can change. So right now you might have these facts, but in 10, 20 or even 100 years you will be wrong. Look at the growth and acceptance of MJ in the medical field in the last 20 years. Doctors are realizing its safer to use. Again I think it all comes down to own preference and experiences to make a decsion .


Happy Mom from Hawaii - May 30

Why is it safe to take oxycodone (narcotic) while b___stfeeding, but smoking marijuana is considered harmful? I was prescribed oxycodone and Motrin after two c-sections, which according to my doctor, was safe to take while b___stfeeding. I'm not promoting the use of marijuana, but a lactating mother who smokes an occasional joint (let's say once or twice a month while baby is away with relatives) is by no means a bad mother. Bad mothers are those who judge other mothers.


watsonovedades - August 11

being pregnant doesn't mean you have to stop b___stfeeding your child. Long ago doctors believed it actually took nutrients away from the baby inside you, however that is not the case. Even today we have people that believe this and they will argue with you the entire time. Only you can decide if you should stop b___stfeeding your toddler or not. Don't let someone else make that decision for you. Reasons to Stop A few reasons you might want to stop b___stfeeding may be if you are feeling constantly drained of energy. Or maybe your child has started to bite. Sometimes your milk will just dry up, this is your body's way of telling you that it has had enough and to take a break. Mast_tis could play a big role in making you stop immediately as well. Mast_tis is an infection in the b___st when it isn't expressed enough and gets engorged.


cornellian99 - December 9



Star10900 - July 11

i need help i smoked half and i really messed up i have to brestfeed and i dont have many pre similac supplementation bottles left. i smoked at 7 pm and have drunk half a bottle of ving and a lot of water . when can i brestfeed i dont think she filling up to the similac need help. and just to say this will not happen again what do i do ?????



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