Food Aversions Anyone

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cakegirl - August 16

Weeks before I knew I was pregnant, I totally went off cheese.


FirstTimeMom26 - August 28

My biggest food aversions have been toward spinach, dairy products, and anything greasy. I'm getting a little better with small amounts of cheese, but I seem to be a little lactose intolerant, now. Ice cream and milk make me very sick. Foods with salt now taste VERY salty and I can't handle greasy foods. During my first trimester, the smell of dog food would make me vomit instantly. My husband had to start feeding the dogs outdoors! Before pregnancy, I loved pizza and burritos... now I'm stuck on simple foods like fruits or rice.


Jen F - October 17

I can't stand the thought of MAKING food. It is hard in the morning to prepare my lunch because everything looks gross. When lunchtime comes, I'll eat it but it doesn't fill me with the joy eating used to give me. At the end of the day, I dread making supper. Yuck. Again if it is in front of me, I'll eat it. I can't be in the room when my husband is making it either because I'm see and smell the food.


sin1029 - November 5

I am 15 weeks pregnant with my first & just experienced my first food aversion :o( I LOVE chik-fil-a, so today I went and picked up my usual... when I got home to eat.... YUCK!! I was disgusting, even the smell was disturbing. What a waste of money.... and a perfectly good sandwhich....


Tan - November 6

i hate mostly all the food i craved in the first trimester!! im now 37 weeks.. i hate pineapple esp.. and i ate it like everyday in first trimester. also i cannot drink some kinds of brands of water! i can tell the difference between dasani and aquafina.. yea weird i know. i can only drink refreshe drinking water from safeway!! the rest just makes me gag.. seriously! also a particular music makes me nauseaus, from hearing it in the first trimester.. weird stuff


Possibly_pg - December 19

had a ? about something I had a spot of blood two days ago it was also 6 days past ovulation, have been felling nusuaed tired, ga__sy, headaches, have a glow to face. period is not due til the 22nd of dec. could this have been implantation bleeding? what does my sympotoms sound like to you ?


Grace090110 - June 25

I work at a coffee shop in a shopping centre and luckily the smell of coffee doesn't make me sick. I'm actually craving it (because i've ruled it out of my diet. But the smell of the food court makes my stomach turn! So does the smell of the savouries at the shop. The worst food offender is chicken. It makes me sick talking about it or even thinking about it, and the worst part is i can smell it from a mile away. Like yesterday, one of the girls had dinner and I was like yep I feel sick, then one of the other girls asked the girl taht was eating what she had and surprise surprise it was chicken! Then of course someone else had to bring it in for dinner too!!! Oh and tomato sauce or just tomatoes make me sick now... I used to love it! I'd just have sauce and bread. Can't stand the stuff now. It's not as bad as the chicken. Besides that, every day is something different. Some days I can eat bread some days I cant. One thing that does make better is chocolate and fizzy stuff like sherbert.


ccwhite13 - October 20

I ate an entire pizza in my car yesterday! I can eat pizza, past and bread - thats about it.



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