Food Aversions Anyone

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Shala - April 18

the smell of coffee beans makes me feel ill. I used to love chicken, potatoes and garlic stuff...can't manage to really feel good about that now. Also, I love pineapples, but for some reason that is making me turned off too!!!


Shala - April 18

Come to think of it, I just told my dr today I am having a hard time eating food in general although I am hungry because the thoughts of some food makes me turn away from all food. The taste isnt the same either


sa__sifras - April 18

I am the same way with chocolate, it seems to leave an icky after taste in my mouth. My first pregnancy a girl in my office used to make egg beaters in the microwave, I still can't handle the egg smell and I used to love them! But, I don't discriminate.....I'll eat anything!!


Sadie - April 20

I have found that I have a total aversion to vegetables. In the past I always craved vegetables like salads or asparagus. Now I have to force feed myself cause I know I need the vitamins. I have always hated drinking milk and now I crave it daily. Milk shakes especially.


fara - April 24

hi ladies... anyone having aversions to MAYONAISE?..I TOTALLY HATE it.


sandra-c - April 30

hi ladies, i didnt know this post was here and just started one. I am 7 weeks but the smell and thought of bacon (or any meats), coffee, onions and cigarette smoke has me rushing to be really sick. At the moment I love cheese, jalapenos and mayo on a sandwich or cracker. Drinking lots of orange juice and lemonade. Usually I enjoy water but cant even stand that at the moment. Most of the foods I love I just cannot face. Hoping when I get past 12 weeks I can eat. Anyone got any remedies for the sickness?


Jxaxdxe - June 14

I can't eat meat....None of it....I survive of peanut b___ter granola bars for protein....I crave veggies and fruit! But i also can't submit myself scents: coffee, cigarrettes, alcohol, sweat, trash, bagels, cream cheese, or pizza....It's terrible....I can barely eat anything!


Seredetia - June 25

The other day I was standing in front of the fridge pigging out and didn't even realise that I ate a tiny yogurt followed by a dill pickle. lol. YUCK! I didn't even notice any weird taste. I can't STAND fast food, though...and I usually eat it all the time. Breakfast sandwiches are the worst...and hamburgers. Although, I've always hated the smell of cooking meat -- especially ground beef/steak.


teet7 - July 19

No yohoos, meat, or sweets. however sandwich meat, shrimp, and fish are ok. And I will eat a b___terfinger everynow and then. But I love salads,yogurt,juice of any kind, and cheese bread. A day does not go by without me drinking a bottle of tomato juice weird huh?


auntiejuju - August 11

Yes, I have many, and quite worrying. I am completey vegan now and as well as that am repulsed by foods containing veg fat or oil - which is extremely limiting


CammieLea - August 18

I am the same way with food right now, almost everything makes me sick! I have a co-worker who constantly hounds me about my eating habits but I try to explain that right now it's a matter of what will stay in my tummy vs. what is good for me (espeically since I will just throw it back up!). Since I have been preggers I have not been able to eat ANY meat except shrimp. I used to be a big meat lover and lately just the thought makes me gag! Also, most veggies are out the window, the smell of any meat, bacon, coffee, b___ter, chicken noodle soup, ciggs, anything with a stronger smell makes me sick! I used to hate milk and now chug 2% and Chocolate milk to no end. I have tried drinking plenty of water and OJ but both tend to make me sick, so I have stuck to maily sprite, kool-aid, and apple juice. I have learned to survive on potatoes, fried okra, fruit roll ups, chips, crackers, granola bars, ramen noodles, and grilled cheese sammy's. I figure it's better to eat anything that will stay down instead of trying to eat what is good but I know will make me sick (plus after throwing up, dehydrated). Good luck out there ladies!


CammieLea - August 18

I am also addicted to dill pickels lately. I have to watch myself so I don't eat an entire jar at once! Wierd right?


tramplingrose - June 21

I can't seem to eat anything other than ice cream, and I'm kind of feeling guilty about my horrid diet. The funny thing is, I'm entering my 2nd trimester, and now everything is tasting like cardboard to me. My first trimester, I had no morning sickness, nothing made me want to throw up, but suddenly, I can't think about anything other than ice cream without want to retch.


Godz Girl - July 26

Let's try meat...Particularly bone-in chicken. Yuck! Vegetables...Especially Broccoli. During my second & third month I could hardly eat anything. I wanted to cry a couple of times it was so bad. I'm going on my 14th week and it's getting a little better. Thank the Lord. I too was feeling guilty about my diet. There is light at the end of the tunnel.


anthonysgirl - August 1

All I can drink now is plain water or milk. I used to LOVE anything carbonated, but I heave at the thought of carbonated drinks. No real food aversions except sometimes the thought of chicken makes me queasy, other times can eat it.


cakegirl - August 16

Weeks before I knew I was pregnant, I totally went off cheese.



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