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vix - February 26

I am 11 weeks pregnant and always seem to be spitting. I know it sounds awful but I just cant stop. Any help would be great.


tammy - February 26

I think that it is because you, during pregnancy you produce alot more saliva than you normally do, and you may still have that matallic taste going on. Its pretty normal, My sister just carried a box of tissue around so that she could spit in it.


Cynthia - February 26

Are you spitting because you have more saliva in your mouth than usual? I have that problem. I seem to have so much that I can't swallow it all the time and I keep a bucket close to spit in. When I do try to swallow it almost gags me. I feel so yucky! One thing that helps is chewing gum. I am 12 weeks pregnant and this started for me about 3 weeks ago. Someone else told me that tart lemonade helps but not for me, it makes me queasy. I also keep tissues with me when I am out to spit in. I don't want anyone to see me spit like a man! I hope it ends soon.


Franki - March 2

Hi ladies! I am 20 weeks along and I was so happy to read your entries and know that I am not the only one! I was spitting constantly for the first 14 or 15 weeks of my pregnancy but then it started to taper off.... thank goodness! Now I hardly ever have that "too much spit" feeling and chewing bubble gum does seem to help.


Slim - March 7

Eat peppermints and chew gum


Tenisha - March 14

Water helps alot it gets rid of the bitter taste because juice or anything sweet will leave a sour or horrible taste in your mouth.


cheron - March 17

suck on lemon drops, that's what helped me.


Sandra - March 28

Four years ago, I spitted up until I pushed my daughter out and right there on the delivery table that's when it stopped! I am now 14 wks pregnant and spitting all over again!!! I HATE IT!! I've tried everything but nothing helps!


Yuri - April 13

I spit every minute... i am right now 17 wks, and it is just so disgusting and embarra__sing... but for the past week i have been chewing on Halls cough drops, the Spearmint flavor, and it helps sooo much... but now my teeth are starting to hurt... =0(


reader answer - May 5

I am a person who always spitting, I still do when don't have a piece of gum try crewing spearmint gum, and drinking peppermint tea. it work for me .


Debbie - May 6

Glad to hear I'm not the only one that keeps Kleenex everywhere. I literally get sick at my stomach some mornings due to this! It's terrible...!


serena - August 11

hello, i am 23 years old, and 17weeks pregnant. ihave so much bad spit, and no one helps me. i cant go anywhre i am house bound. drinking tea numbs the mouth a bit for only about a second. its hopeless.


Sandra - August 11

My neighbor stopped spitting at 3-4 months for both pregnancies. Myself, this is my second pregnancy, 8 mths pregnant and still spitting and know that once I push the baby out the spitting will only then stop as it did in my first. Sorry. No Help!


maranda - August 22

i spit with my first child,and i took a hpt and a blood test about a week ago both neg and i have been spotting since july 31! and it is now aug21! and on aug the 20 i started spitting could i be prg i have to keep a spit cup with me with tissue in the bottom of it i have dumped it 3 times already 2 day,i told the doctor i felt something inside of me,not a kicking baby but i know something is in there,i can feel it on my left side....but when i was pregnant with my daughter who is now almost 8 i spit a lot,my mom spit with all 4 of her kids,and her mom did the same ..my mom ate carrots she say it helped her,but it did't help me i got a dill pickle and held it in my mouth it kept me from slobbing or spitting until i got hungry and ate the picklie up lol..just cut a slice and put in your jaw it worked for me ,i couldn;t chew gum it would break up,mints would make mt tongue raw...ewwww and water would only stop the spit for about 2 minutes....stay blessed ladies


Courteney - August 28

I have one week to go before my due date and I have spit constantly through out my entire pregnancy. It was very depressing at first and I barely left the house because of it. I realized that I could not spend the whole 9 months confined to my house so I started spitting into a little bottle that you can't see through. It's very nondescript and I am discrete about it in public. Most people think I'm taking sips out of something. It's annoying to carry a bottle to spit in all the time but I got used to it. I just hope that the spitting ends as soon as I give birth.


Marissa - August 30

ahhh I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling like this I'm 23 years old this is my first pregnancy, I've asked friends and family members if they've ever spit during their pregnancy and they all said no I was starting to think something was wrong. Now I know I'm not the only one going through this I'm 11 weeks now. I'm constantly spitting, it started for me just about a week n a half ago. I hope its not like this my whole pregnancy. I found that chewing gum or eating a lemon helps me. We can get through this Ladys!!!!


spitomania - September 6

I am sooooooooooo glad I am not the only one, this is the most disgusting thing to go through!!!! I have just started my 10th week, and it is my third pregnancy, although the other 2 ended unfortunately in miscarriages! but my mom had the spitting thing too, it drives you and everyone around u MAD!!! i really hope it ends faaaaaaaaaast!!! as long as you chew something, it helps, but only whilst u r chewing, the minute u stop, u r spitting again!!!!!!!!! I carry a cup everywhere I go, and it is dreadful!!!! I feel for you all, and hope it stops for you all very soon. Hope you all have safe pregis too!!!



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