Marijuana And Pregnancy

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Rhiannon - April 24

Yeah well. I'm a self righteous b___h who's going to have healthy babies. And to me, that justifies my b___hiness.


pania - April 24

Rhiannon, I completely agree with you!!! I cant believe ppl are actually arguing about this ...... YOU ARE DRUGGING YOUR BABY!!!!!! Would you let your child smoke marijuana ... not likely, think ppl!!!


Karen S - April 25

Rhiannon and pania I agree with the both of you! There is no reason someone cant be unselfish for their child. It's called being a parent. Sunshinekitty you should understand that this is a very sensitive subject and if people dont want to be judged on a situation like this then dont put it on here.


sunshinekitty240 - April 25

fine then maybe I am the b___h - i still thing it is wrong to judge people. Sorry that's just where I stand. What is right for one may not be right for another. This is the opinion of a pregnant lady who does NOT use marijuana - but you cant just tell other women they are bad because that is not right. Sorry, thats where I stand.


venus_in_scorpio - April 25

lucienne78, I agree with your post. People should do some reading before they go saying that marijuana has all of these detrimental effects. My standpoint is that of course people look for something to blame. Of course, no birth defects are GENETIC or anything it must be the marijuana, it must be the 4 cigarettes the mother smoked before she found out, it must have been the food she ate - you see how silly that sounds? There are indeed many prescription medications that have a much higher chance of much worse birth defects - but you can't just go around saying, oh well epileptics shouldn't have children because the dilantin is bad. that would be wrong, wouldn't it? Many of you saying how wrong it is to smoke marijuana during pregnancy are probably the same women who need to take zoloft or prozac during pregnancy for anxiety or depression. That can also be viewed as bad. But is it? Of course not. But there are certainly people out there who would say it is.... so you should really think twice and be well read from a RELIABLE source before you go scrutinizing others' actions.


ajs gurl - April 27

Hey Crystal just wanted to let you know that I am 19 years old and I did very well in school... my mom smoked all the way through her pregnancy to her sickness and I turned out perfectly fine!!!


SerineMali - April 29

Hey ladies, I usually take both sides, but for this I have to definitely say smoking pot definitely doesn't increase your chances of having a good baby but I have seen many cases where it has decreased a child's ability to perform. BEFORE ALL YOU LADIES WHO HAVE SMOKED POT ATTACK ME...(because I'm not yelling at you!) I have to say I work in a psychological ward and I deal with patients EVERY SINGLE DAY that have learning disabilities, depression, bipolar disorder, Major Depressive Disorder etc. why? Because their mother's smoked while pregnant or drank while pregnant. Now I'm not saying that it happens to everyone, but if you see that it 's happened to other people's children why would you even want to do it? Do you know what their adoptive parents go through every day They have children that have anger issues and kids that can't write their name and kids that can sit still and they have ADHD... I diagnose the symptoms and I have a full hx on these kids. THAT IS WHAT IT CAN POTENTIALLY DO TO YOU... for those ladies who did it to help with morning sickness, if your doc told you to do that, then it's you thing. For those of you smoking it to get high or because your addicted...just try to me you don't want to live a life like the parents that I see every day.


scared mom - July 30

I never fully realized the negative possibilies of mj use until looking on line my partner and i both have smoked for several years on a daily basis after discussing the topic with friends several months into pregnancy, i decided to look it up, we have both quit, and it brings both of us to tears thinking we might have harmed are child, i get so overwhelmed with the thought that they could take my baby away, i 've never thought of my self as a bad person, but will never forgive myself if i lose my baby girl.


sickkitty - December 16

i'm having the same problem...the doc gave me pills to calm the sickness but they're not working...i smoked a j and the sickness went away for most of the day! I was a daily smoker and i've recently tried to quit cold turkey since i found out i was pregnant, but now im sick to my stomach all day and have been taking off work! what should i do if i shouldnt smoke pot? i dont wanna hurt the baby


lovelyladyy - December 17

how could someone smoke weed knowing theres a possibility of harming the baby? its only for 9 months! i would never even risk it. its not worth it.


sickkitty - December 18

i hear everyone say dont smoke pot; cigerettes HAVE MANY SIDE EFFECTS ON UNBORN BABIES BUT NO ONE CARES ABOUT THAT! I just want to be able to leave my bed without feelin like i'm going to die! when i had my firs child 8 yrs ago i didnt smoke pot. i started that when he was around 2 or so, but i didnt have a job then or responsabilities like i do now. instead of judging people who smoke pot (which BTW doesn't have near as many harmful chemicles in it as cigerettes do) maybe you guys should check your facts before before just deciding that " we are trying to harm our babies" i just want to know is there PROOF that if i smoke a joint to get through my day (not a bag a day, a joint) is there bad effects?


Babycrazy - December 18

AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH OK I just had to laugh at the first post. I am a graduate student at UM and have a bachelors degree in elementary education with a minor in disability studies. Smoking marijuana has absolutely NOTHING to do with learning disabilities or the politically correct term now learning difference. Learning differences are most likely pa__sed down from someone in the family. They might not even know they have a learning difference because identification is fairly new, within the past 25-30 years. My uncle had one and was never identified until he was 45 years old. As for being "slow"not sure if you mean low IQ (which is not caused by smoking marijuana) or common sense "slow" because let me tell you, there are a lot of people that are laking in that area. Like people having no idea or not researching professional literature before posting. I am in no way saying that smoking ANYTHING is OK, when you inhale any type of smoke it is depriving oxygen to your fetus. If you are saying that causes people to be "slow" or have learning differences then I am pretty sure they would be a lot more prevalent. That would mean all people that smoked cigarets would have "slow" children. Sorry to go on such a rant but this is what I do, I am very pa__sionate about it. I thought people should know the truth so they can be better informed member of our society.


misundastQQd - December 19

Whew. Man O Man. People go CRAZY ON HERE. Ya'll should take a chill pill. It is up to you what you do during your pregnancy, and what your body feels like. If you smoke a joint every now and then, so be it. It can't be as bad as cigarettes. Which have HOW MANY different chemicals in them? It is 2000+ For a fact. Don't believe me!? Then research it. Glad someone with some common sense posted. My mom was a chronic during her pregnancy with me, and I am FINE AND DANDY. Make your own decisions, but do what you think is right. Weed can't be 'Good' for the baby. But, who knows for a fact? I have heard from a couple women around me, that if the baby is tested positive for any any any drug in them. They can take your baby. So if you are smoking some, stop in time. Be safe.


dying2bamommi - December 31

I think that alot of the women on here are crazy. If you havent been addicted to a drug you really cant say to much about it. I have smoked pot since 9th grade off and on and I am now 26. And i know I am addicted to it but i am now ready to be a mother and doing whats best for the baby is a part of being ready to be a parent. So im going to start trying after the new year. And today will be my last day of pot smoking. All the people on here that judged her and left rude comments really need to get a grip on reality. Half the serial killers in the world parents didnt do any drugs and they grew up to be murderers. So yeah it is wrong to put anything in your body that can harm your baby. But instead of jumping down her throat how about finding where she lives and finding a cla__s or something she can go to for help with her problem. I hope that oneday if your kids ever come 2 u with a problem you do a better job at handling them if not you will be the last person they come to. In that case you wont know what kind of advise your kid is getting which is almost always not the advise you would want them to hear. So maybe crystal isnt the only one that isnt ready to be a parent. Its a shame when you can have a group of grown a__s women in here and still get this type of response. I hope crystal had a beautiful and healthy baby. If not i hope she will get the help she needs next time. Wish me luck with my quiting smoking because it is a challenge I love pot. But not as much as I love my future babys.


guest5150 - December 31

I am so glad to see women who have actually smoked pot giving their opinion. How is it possible to give your half a__sed opinion on something that you have never tried. I love that someone with education gave their opinion, and i hope some of the women that were so cruel in the beginning read this and see what b___hes they were. people do come on here for adivce, its a way for them to get more info to help them make a better decision, not for someones belittling opinion on how they need to be less selfish and how their kids are going to turn out slow to mentally unstable or depressed or bi polar. I give props to the women here who actually address the issue head on without coming up with lame excuses and only giving the info the media wants us to believe.


sugar - January 3

Perhaps you smoked it for the entire pregnancy and your baby turned out fine but who can honestly take that risk and call them self a good mother. For their own selfish reasons they put aside the research and advise of medical proffesionals and take that risk. How could you live with yourself watching your child grow up with defects or disabilities and know that you caused that. This is purely my opinion but any woman who would be comfortable living with that or take the risk of damging their child should not have gotten pregnant in the first place. A mother takes care of their child from day one that includes cutting out your guilt pleasures while that innocent life grows inside you. Honestly. Perhaps people who are smoking it still should stop for long enough to see what i'm saying clearly and imagine your unborn baby and their health.



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