My Wife Is Sick 24 7

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Christopher - August 6

Hi my name is christopher and i am 30 years old, my wife is 25 years old and this is our first kid she is about 2 months along and she is constantly sick, her stomach is always hurting and she feels like she is going to puke constantly, she hardly eats, and shes very sensative to smells, is this normal!? im getting very concerned, sickness is to be expected, but all the time? any advice or help?


Lisa*9 - August 6

Get her to eat crackers during the day. Also check with the dr about her condition.


Jamie - August 7

Her sickness is because she isn't eating. Get her to eat something like bread or crackers - something mild; it'll settle her stomach, and let her eat more food, which will ease the nausea.


Valerie - August 12

Hi I wouldn't eat either and wouldn't even sit in a restaurant or around other people eating as the smells made me feel sick. I couldn't go into a cinema because of the smell of popcorn and I could smell a fish shop two streets away. I lost weight in the first semester instead of putting it on, but eventually I felt better and started to eat again. At the moment there may be a time when she fells a little better in the day (I was OK early in the morning) which is when she should take the opportunity to eat (anything that DOESN'T smell much... raw carrots, bread, whatever she feels like). Good luck!


To Christoper... - August 12

Yes, it is perfectly normal. I was sick like that first 5 months of pregnancy, and it stoped suddenly. Only thing can help her: eating, chewing some crackers all the time... Good luck!


wenling - August 15

I was sick and puking for my 1st trimester too. Everything i used to like smelled very bad suddenly. The worse of the lot was fish. I could even smell the oil the food was cooked with. I can't stand lard. All this hardly makes you feel like eating at all. But she should try at least like Valerie said, anyhin that don't smell much./ Having something in th tummy make you less queasy. one more month to go and the symptoms should ease up.


Ashley - August 21

hopefully in a month or two she will get over this but, this is actually a condition called hyperemesis gavidarum i think. I had it and i threw up the whole pregnancy and even lost 20lbs. I tried the cracker thing and sprite and everything i could think of. I eventually had to start taking meds that chemotherapy patients take for nausea and that kept me from throwing up as much. But when she does have a few minutes of no nausea give her whatever she is craving. Anything...even if it isnt fruits and vegetables. If she is craving french fries...get it in her stomach while she can handle it because food is better than no food. contant nausea is awful and if she gets dehydrated she will become more nauseated and may have to get iv fluids on a regular basis. so try to keep her hydrated. I know im not a doctor but i went through this and it would drive me nuts when ppl would tell me to eat crackers. I literally couldn't get them down. So give her what she can tolerate and get her a big jug of whatever it is she likes to juice or even coke. If she continues like this and starts losing weight ask the dr. about zofran. hope this helps.


melissa - August 23

last time i was pregnant i was sick the entire time. all day and night. But my son came out healthy 5lbs. the best thing of all I was 4 sizes smaller and looked hot. just think of that.there is a pill out there for excessive vomiting. It helps and is expensive that i just found out from someone i met. Look on the MD web site and search for hyperemesis Gravadirum which is the name for excessive vomiting during pregnancy. Good luck be supportive.


Jackie - September 19

yes its normal to feel that way because your body is getting adjusted to the baby being inside her the first couple of months will be tough but it will go back to her normal self after a couple of months the baby will change how she eats or whatever it did to me & im 6 months almost 7 months & this is my first pregnancy its really awsome though but her temper will be kinda anger but its the mood swings dont touch her unless you ask/if she lets you touch her like rubing her back or what not but be careful what she wants you to do because she'll be in pain like back pain or other kind of pain walking helps for the heartburn or she can take tums or what not get a list what she can take when shes pregnant & keep track about what she needs


kr - September 19

I'm with Valerie. It wasn't till 5th month that I could set foot in a grocery store or watch a Mcdonalds commercial. I had to find the few hours of the day when i could eat and do it then 5am-7am and then at late at night. In between I ate fruits that weren't too thick like strawberries,grapes and oranges.I also lost weight. Just remember she is not doing this on purpose. If all the sudden it pops into her head that she can handle french bread or oatmeal make it for her right away before the taste pa__ses. Also, find a way for her too eat those vitamins. Some kinds of chewables are ok. Be sure to go with her at the next check-up and find out!


James87 - November 11

Hey Chris, how's your wife doing? That sounds awful! My wife experienced similar horrors with our first pregnancy 3 years ago, and is now experiencing the same with our second. And not to disappoint, but unlike many of the comments on here, my wife's nausea stayed the entire pregnancy. Due to her losing fluids and not keeping food down, the doctor prescribed her a combination of Phenergen and Zofran. If your wife is still sick you should look into it. The people who suggest crackers are the bane of our existence, bc that only helped make the nausea a little less intense (on a good day). Truth is, HG in pregnancy isn't common. Very few suffer from it, so a lot of ppl who've never experienced it give very unhelpful advice when trying to sympathize. Ashley who posted earlier seems to know what you're going through. There are also HG groups of Facebook, which have been a great support to my wife. Good luck!



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