Mongolian Spots

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caucasian - September 28

If my kid has this, and we're white, does this mean we have negro/hispanic/asian ancestry??


chelsey - September 28

It could also mean that you are in the 5% of caucasians that can get them?


C - October 1

My son 2 and newborn daughter both have the Mongolian spots. The 2 yr old has faded some but was told not until around the age of 4 o 5.


My answer - October 2

My daughter has a Mongolian spot at the base of her spine, just above her b___t cheeks. It looks like a bruise but the Dr. said it was just a form of a birthmark. She is 5 yrs. old now and it has remained the same (no fading, etc...). I know the race of the child may cause higher instances of this, but my daughter is caucasian. The Dr. has never seemed concerned about them.


krystal - October 3

my daughter was born with two mongolian spots on her back. I was told by a children's hospital that they are more likely to appear on children with darker skin pigmentation. hence the name. my daughter is native and pretty dark. but yeah they do look rather questionable to someone who does not know what they are. When she was an infant i was questioned by my aunt. Until her daughter ( my cousin) got mad at her and told her what they were.


Amy - October 7

They can occur in hispanic and medeterannian as well - I am caucasian and my hubby s italian - a pure bred - our daughter has a mongolian spot.


C - October 9

Both my kids, had them, but I think they are mostley found on dark skinned people. my son is 4 and a half and his are just about gone but my little girl who is 2 weeks has them and they are dark right now. I'm not sure how they git that


C - October 9

I don't know about about the Asian deal because I'm Black and both my kids have it


regn - June 24

Im 100% caucasian and i was born with a mongolian spot. im the darkest child in my family with black hair and dark brown eyes. my brother and sisters have green eyes and brown hair. I look exactly like my father. I am of german english polish and swedish decent, but i am mistaken for hispanic everyday. Does this mean I have another race somewhere in my family's history?


DDT - June 28

My ds1 (now 2.5 years old) has a small bruise-like Mongolian spot on his right bum cheek. It's been there since birth. My husband is 1/8th Native American which makes my son 1/16th Native American. All Caucasian on my side of the family. His spot has faded slightly. Some days I don't even see it. My ds2 on the other hand has fair skin (like me), blong hair, blue spots. It's all hereditary. I live in Canada and no one has ever told me that I might be suspected of abuse. I don't think a bruise-like mark on a bum cheek qualifies as abuse. The child could just as easily have fallen on something and gotten a bruise. How would officials even prove otherwise.


Mittemiller - August 29

This is wrong, My daughter has this and her Daddy is 100% Asian, and I have no Asian in me at all, just so people know. :)



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