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chicojenny - July 20

Could one swing mean twins? I dont have children yet and I am not pregnant but an Indian woman that sat next to me on a flight did the ring and hair pendulum on me and it said I was having one boy. Now, I just did the pencil test on myself, several times, and it said the exact same thing! I am kind of freaked because I am 34 and we aren't 100% sure we are going to have kids and if we do, I certainly want more than one. I am the oldest of 5 and don't want an only child. Any comments?


mshanson - July 20

Chicojenny... As fun as these needle things are, I really wouldnt put much faith in them. If they turn out to be accurate, it's merely a coincidence. The only one I might be willing to put stock in is the Chinese Lunar Calender. As far as chance of twins, it's really slim unless of course there are twins on your mothers side of the family...which there is on mine. I'm pregnant with our first and it did turn out to be one, our luck it'll be our second pregnancy that we'll end up with twins!!!


mommy716 - August 13

there are so many different things that say the s_x of your baby is...! theres the chinese chart, and according to that I'm having a girl, and theres the needle and thread, and according to that I'm having a girl! and theres many more!! when I had my ultrasound done I found out I was having a boy... so I don't believe them! but don't give up hope just cause it didn't work for a few ppl!


ChrissyPoo - August 15

The pencil test, ring test & needle test are all the same test just using different items. I believe this pendulum type test is accurate 100% of the time providing you allow the pencil to stop on its own. With that being said be aware that this test picks up on the s_x of every pregnancy, which means miscarriages and abortions are also included. This test will tell you what s_x child you're having and in their correct birth order. I believe twins show up by the pendulum swinging, then only stopping briefly, then showing the next child's s_x. I do believe if there is longer time between swings, then there's more time between births. If it swings down the length of your arm, then it's a boy, but if it swings across the wrist, then it's a girl. Be patient and let all the swinging stop before you lay it down because you might miss something. For instance I am in my late 30's and have 3 sons under the age of 10. I thought 3 was enough, so I stopped with the test, but later when I did it, it showed 2 more girls who appear to be twins. In my research about twins I have found that I'm a prime candidate for twins, so who knows what my future holds! I have done this test on about 100 people, and it's revealed some secrets and given us some surprises. I did it on my Aunt's elderly friend, and it revealed she was first pregnant with a son, then had two daughters whom I know. The lady revealed she'd lost a child very early into her first pregnancy and always thought it was a boy. I did the test on my Aunt who has never been married or pregnant, and the pencil would not move. Also, you can do this test on men. For example: My Mother & Father had me, then my brother, then got divorced. He remarried and my Step-Mom had 5 miscarriages before having my youngest brother. When I did the test on my Dad, it showed girl (me), boy (David), girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, and boy (Drew); however, when I did my Step-Mom's test, it only showed girl, boy, girl, boy, girl and boy (Drew). I choose to believe that I'll see my unborn brothers and sisters in Heaven some day. While I can't explain this pendulum test (I call it the Pencil Test like most), I believe it to be very accurate, but just be careful who you do it to, or you may be surprised by the results and reveal some family secrets.


dtlks2mch - August 31

My sister and I did this test when we were teenagers. They were right. Mine said I would have a boy and then a set of twin girls. But get this, the first one (boy) was not a very strong reading, just a few swings and then it circled for a couple and then on to girl. But here's the funny part it went side to side did a swift circle and then side to side again. Then it went on for another set of twin boys and then twin girls again. I stopped at the first set of girls. But before I had the girls, 4 month before I had miscarried a baby. No chance of finding out what it was, but I bet it was my boy. If I hadn't miscarried him I would never had the girls I have. I was only a little over a month along. People say this test is hocus pocus, but the Doctor told me that I ovulate with both sides, putting out 2 eggs at a time. So the 3 sets of twins were a very good possibility. I wasn't filling a van in 3 tries, so I quite while I was ahead with healthy kids I could provide for. Good luck to whoever tries it and have fun.


kristyn1028 - September 3

My test said boy, and to my surprise Im having a girl!! So, it didn't work on me :)


cborrowman - October 23

My good friend did this test on me, at the time she was a labor and delivery nurse and the other nurses showed her how to do it. She did the pencil test on me, I already had one boy and the test said that my first born would be a boy. I had no intentions of having any more children but the test said otherwise, the test said I would have 2 children and both of them would be boys. Sure enough a few years later my husband and I had another baby and it was a boy. I cannot remember exactly how it worked but I do remember that the pencil was attached to a string with a needle.


Alicia6814 - November 2

I did this test on three of my friends, one with children and two without, myself, and my fiancee. When I tested my friend with children it was right on:boy, girl, boy. My other two friends had two boys and the other a boy and a girl. I did it on myself and it came out boy girl boy. I did it on my fiancee and guess what? It was boy girl boy! I think that this could be real. Now I am just waiting to try my sister in law who just recently had a baby girl to see if it really works since all of the people I tested started with a boy. Have fun with it!


reneenay - November 5

I am 12 weeks pregnant and just did the test on myself a handfull of times and each time it said I am having a girl. I've had a feeling it's a girl too, so I'll keep you posted on whether it is correct or not...should know sometime next month.


reneenay - November 5

Oh, and it also said that after this pregnancy, I would have a boy than another girl...I guess only time will tell!


Alicia6814 - November 7

I did this on some of my friends over the weekend and was happy to see that the majority of them started with girls, just so I know that it does not always start with a boy! ha ha I have yet to try it on my sister in law, though. I can't wait to see if mine turn out correct!


Alicia6814 - November 11

Sorry I keep posting so much, but I just think this is the coolest thing ever! ha ha So I finally got to try it on my mom and sister in law, who both only have one girl at the moment. Well, my mom only has me, so go figure, it just showed one girl. She didn't believe me, so I tried it on my stepdad (yes, it works for men as well) and it showed that he only had one son, which is true. My sister in law showed two girls! So ha! even more proof!


bigdawg0118 - December 13

My mom has used this test on all of us...she has 8 has worked on every single one of us. Parallel with the wrist is a girl.....across the wrist is a boy. She did it on my 1st wife and eye back in High School (1992) when we were dating. It said she would have a girl, then twin girls. Mine said a girl, then a boy. We divorced back in 2003 after having our 1st girl. Recently my ex wife had twin girls! I am remarried and my mother did the test on my new wife.....guess what one child, a BOY!


happycats - January 11

Whether you use a ring or a pencil, both are considered a pendulum. I like to use a crystal pendulum (like the kind you see hanging over rear-view mirrors, or suction cupped to your kitchen window. If you all like doing the pencil test, I suggest you look up what pendulums are commonly used for. For instance, take a piece of paper and draw a big X. Write down NO for one line and YES for the other. Hold your pendulum in the middle of the X and start by asking questions you already know the answer to. For example, "What is my name?" See how many times the pendulum answers correctly, and you'll be surprised at how accurate it is. You can only ask certain types of questions though, so do some research. For example, you can ask about a current health issue. Things that your spirit, subconscious, or guardian angel already know.


happycats - January 11

Oooops, It's not "What is my name?", I meant to type "Is my name (fill in the blank)?". Sorry about that. I'm pretty tired right now.


melisa m - May 24

i would strongly believe in the test. my family does this trick (mainly just for fun) but it has read all of the women correctly in my family. my mother had this trick done before she ever got pregnent with my oldest sister and it read that she was going to have three girls. and she did. me and my two sisters. we have done it on all of the women in my family and it has always been right.The right way it is read and how it works is you thread a needle and put it throught the center of an eraser. someone else holds it perfectly still over the center of your wrist, if it goes in a circle, it is a girl, if it goes in a line, it is a boy. It shows how many children you will have and in what order also. it doesn't work on men. it has always been accurate and i believe it one hundred percent.



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