8 Weeks No Heartbeat But Yolk And Embryo Exists

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Erin - February 3

I have had 4 sonos, saw the sac, baby, and heartbeat last Tuesday. Doc had me go into the hospital for a sonogram to calculate size/date today - they saw no heartbeat. I a__sume I miscarried?


erin - February 3

p.s. i am suppose to be 9 weeks 3 days today.


jini - February 10

i am four weeks pregnant. But the ultra sound scan did not show a sac or embryo? why is this?


donna - February 10

Polly, did you ever find out more definitive results? My story is similar to yours - I am scheduled for a D&C tomorrow but am asking my dr for another US before we go tomorrow afternoon


Angela - February 10

I had the same thing happen only I went in two weeks ago and they found a heartbeat then when I went in today the baby's growth was right on but they couldn't find a heartbeat. I go back tomorrow for another US. I am 8 wks pregnant.


Amanda - February 12

When I thought I was about 8 weeks along my Doc gave me many ultrasounds, and an internal one and determined there was no heartbeat and the sac appeared to be only about 6 weeks. I thought that meant I was going to miscarry. I could have had a D&C but decided to wait and now I have a healthy 1 year old girl. What have I learned from all of this? That this isn't an exact science despite the high-tech machines and that I should always be an informed patient and speak up for my rights. If I had just gone ahead with the D&C, not only would I not have my precious baby, but I would have always wondered if that doctor really did know best. So, don't be so quick to a__sume that a D&C will solve all your heartache.


Kimmie - February 12

I had the same thing just happen to me two days ago. I was 8 weeks pregnant and I had an u/s. It said my pregnancy looked more around 5 weeks. I had been spotting for over 2 weeks. I ended up suddenly bleeding heavy this last Thursday and miscarried. I had a D&C done Friday. I hope everyone fairs better than I did. I will try to have another baby next year :(


Melissa - February 16

I too have an empty sac. The sac seems to be growing but they can't see the baby in the ultrasound. I went for my 1st US last week but they did not see a baby. After that v____al US, I began to spot. It was dark brown. I got very scared and called my Dr. So I went in to check my HCG levels, wednesday my levels were 12,466 and on Friday they were 12,723. They are going up but they have not doubled. I had my 2nd US yesterday but no results from the doctor yet. I saw a tiny dot in the sac but no heartbeat. How long does it take for a miscarry to occur? What are the chances that at 6 weeks they just couldn't see the baby? Please HELP.


af - February 17

I'm in a similar situation and very confused. Based on some very light pink spotting, I had an u/s last week measuring 5w gestational sac and yolk sac. Yesterday (1w, 1d later) measured 6w,1d but no heartbeat. Tech said that if she saw a fetus she should definitely see a heartbeat and declared the pregnancy not viable. For anyone who has had a similar situation, might this be a premature a__sessment? (Up to last week, HCG levels looked really good, but progesterone had dropped from 45 to 9 so dr. put me on supplement)


sally - February 18

i had a us two days okay because of some abdominal pain. i am 6 weeks and there was no heartbeat or movement. i am terribly worried but do not want to have another us in a week like he suggests. also says it might be twins, but one is not doing well at all


KS - February 18

I am in a similar situation....I went to the doctor Monday for my 10 week visit and the fetal growth show 7 weeks with no heartbeat. The GYN confused us, so to speak, and said she wanted to check again, but offered a D and C. We are going back next Friday for another ultrasound. Don't know what to think....very confused.


Linda - March 1

I am 9 weeks today. Yesterday OB said measuring 5-6 weeks and heartbeat is only 102. Wanted to do repeat next week, then D&C if no heartbeat. HELP!


Elle - March 2

I was 8.5 weeks when I went to the doctor. We saw a heartbeat but the docotor noticed the yolk sac was larger than it should be. A week later there was no heartbeat. I had a natural miscarraige 2 weeks after that. As for my HCG hormone it was at the right level but for some reason the yolk sac was larger which indicated that there was a problem. I hope next time it will be o.k. By the way I am 34 if that makes any difference and this is my first time to have a baby.


Path - March 4

wait for the next scan... if you have no bleeding or abdominal pain wait till HCG results and scan. You will know for sure next time. But if B HCG is slowly increasing this needs attention. Take care Path


Shae - March 5

I need some advice: I got pregnant on the pill and my last full period was Dec. 20th.. which put me about 10 weeks yesterday. I went in for my first internal ultrasound and the doctor said i had a sac, and a yolk sac, but no embryo yet. She smiled and said.. you are only 6 weeks preganant. She wants me to return in two weeks for a scan again. BUT here is my dilema; i have been bleeding lightly since tuesday ( i told her) and, the MINIMUM this baby could be is 6 weeks 2 days.. thats it.. there is no possibility it is less than that.. so.. why isnt there an embryo yet? I am freafull that i am having a misscarrage/blighted ovum. Or, because there is a sac, and a yolk sac that i might still have something grow? Just seems late to have a little embryo start at almost 7 weeks... Help....


kate - March 5

Well, I would not stress just yet. Who knows, your cycle may not be what you thought. It all could be off. This happens. At least you are progressing as far as your HCG levels. I do know that not everybodies levels rise in the same fashion. I would only be concerned if you begin spotting and/or have severe abdominal cramping, As I have experienced two miscarriages. Give it some time. Best of luck!!



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