Mirena Pregnancy

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mommy200619 - February 2

hey meggan you know i notice the same thing. its been a yr now i hae the iud. i had aperiod for the first 3 monthsthen its topped then all of sudden i spot, they only thing i notice dif is atht im hungry all the time. im losin weight like crazy. im not even trying. i also had some mild craming. i took 2 test both neg.


insanebeauty222 - February 15

I've had the Mirena for almost 2 years and I've never really had any problem with it besides weight gain, slight cramping sometimes after intercourse and the whole not have a period since the first month after I started it. I origionally switched to the IUD from birthcontrol because I have Polysistic ovarian syndrome and the hormones it gives out is keeping my uterus healthy. But the past few days I've had severe cramping, swollen b___sts, a migrane, and now after reading all of this I'm really scared. The worst part is I'm only 21 and I'm not in a relationship and if I am pregnant and it's not ectopic I don't know who the father is.. I'm going to go to family planning or call my doctor tomorrow.. eek.. people havent come back to say if they are or arent pregnant after having these symptoms.. i wish they would


ksmommaof2 - March 10

I've had the mirena since 11/08, 8 weeks after the birth of my second child. I never have had a period since before I was pregnant with my son. I started cramping a couple weeks ago. After a phone call to my OBGYN and a negative UA, my dr finally just treated me for a UTI. Yesterday I was still not feeling right, so I decided to go out on a limb and take a pregnancy test. I had 2 postives. I had blood drawn yesterday to confirm and get those results tomorrow. I'll update when I find out.


rpreciado - March 12

I found out I was pregnant with the IUD when I was about over 8 weeks. Now I am 14 weeks and we left it in and yesterday I went to see a specialist and found out that I have a 50% chance of having premature birth and a 50% chance of going full term. I am really upset and because I do not want to loose the baby and I would not recommend the IUD anymore to anyone because of all of the complications.


ksmommaof2 - March 12

My blood test (HCG) came back negative, so I guess my test showed a false positive (whew)! They are going to treat me with an antibiotic to see if there's an infection if I'm still not better, I'll probably have to have the Mirena removed.


delakish08 - March 16

I do have the similar symptoms from when I found out I was pregnant with my youngest daughter who isn't even 2 yet. I've had the Mirena for about 15 months now, I'm really worried this time about myself being pregnant I also purchased at home tests both were negative, tomorrow I am taking the official blood test, and well post my results soon, good luck we all need it!!


insanebeauty222 - March 16

thank Gawd, not pregnant. after having such a scare. I like the mirena because it's convienent, but i didn't like the pregnancy symptoms i was having, blah!!! i guess the only way to be sure is abstenance, but screw that!!!!!!!!! lol


delakish08 - March 19

k guys, my results are negative,(hooray!!), idk what's next but im not removing my mirena id rather deal with the symptoms for now..even though they are a bit annoying.


dorean - March 30

I too had the same MIrena IUD. It failed. I had a pregnancy in the uterus. However the Dr.'s informed me that if they tried to remove the IUD it could disrupt the pregnancy.. and the IUD is in place with the pregnancy I could have either a later pregnancy loss or there could be some birth defects.. there was also a chance that the pregnancy could be absolutely normal. I decided to remove the IUD and it did disrupt the pregnancy and it had to be ended. I still am not sure if i did the right decision or not.


sana - April 24

I had my first Mirena for seven years, never had any problem, normal periods, no side effects. but i got it not in the US. last year i became pregnant with it in place and when i went to have ultrasound the doctor said it was not in place to begin with, but still, I did not become pregnant for seven years! so, last year i got my new one and had normal periods for four months, again, no side effects. now, my last period was two months ago and i became nervous, so, i took a test and it was negative. so, now i see all this comments and understand that not having a regular period with Murena is just a side effect of Mirena, and it is not that uncommon. but i don't have too many disturbing symptoms like others, which is nice. so, it looks like Mirena is just not for everyone... it works, for sure, but as per usual - there is no such thing as too little worry. any kind of protection still requires being careful and responsible. AND going to the doctor to check thing from time to time. in my opinion, being SCARED of taking the test, when in doubt, is just irresponsible, not to say childish. never neglect your responsibilities!


onlyoneornow - May 8

I've had the mirena for just over a year. I developed a metallic taste yesterday after a cortisone injection. My nurse and good friend says that is NOT an adverse reaction to cortisone. I've also read that it could be from prenatal vitamins which I take on and off as my daily. I have felt "off" and although I would like another somedat, certainly not now and not like this. I am 7 days from my next period and just finished with my fertile days. I'm so confused. All the comments left here have been helpful. After my husband goes to work-I'm getting test!


Bonzy - May 20

Ok so I've been on the mirena for a long time. I had it incerted August of 2003. In August of 2008 I had another one incerted because I was so happy with the way it worked. Id never had any problems with it and was happy to not worry about getting my period.( I was never regular and was sick of getting a suprise once every few months.) But just in the last 6 weeks or so I have noticed changes and realy beleive I might be pregnant. With the first one I never had any of the problems that you ladys have been talking about on here. In fact I recamended it to all my girlfriends using myself as a example of how well it worked. But like I said recently as of the last 6 weeks I have felt all the signs of pregnancy. Ive had pain in my lower back and and my lower abdamen. I dont have pain during or after s_x but my b___sts have almost doubled in size and are swollen and tender.(they hurt night and day) Not to mention the weight Ive put on. I havent changed my diet and have noticed I do eat a little more but not enough to put on this type of weight(and Just after I lost 50 pounds last year.)I currently have two children 10 and 7 and knew with in the first month that I was pregnant with both of them. Ive taken two pregnancy tests in the last 4weeks and both were negative but now im a little nausious in the mornings. It just seemed to be getting worse and I have been freeking out about the whole situation so I called my Doc and told her what I suspected today. She sent me in for a blood pregnancy test and told me I would have the results today. Well that was at 11:00 am this morning and still havent heard anything about it. I hope to here something tomorrow. But I read on another site about a women who had taken home pregnacy test and a blood pregnancy test that all come up negative and still she had a miscarriage a few weeks later. From what I understand the only true way to be sure is if they do a ultrasound. I feel like the Doc is just dismissing my concerns at this point. I know my body and I also know what I have experienced with this product before this is diffrent. I also spoke with my cousin who is a nurse and she told me that this product will abort a pregnancy as well. If you are pregnant with this product there is like an 80% chance even if its removed you will have miscarriage. That is not something I would like to experience. The emotional and physical tole that would take on me would be overwelming. Im upset that a product I was a cheerleader for is now eiter causing these symptoms or has failed all togeather. I wonder if there are more hormones in them now then there was 5years ago. And if so maybe they should go back to the original level. Although again I read on another site that it's only effective for 2 years. I realy dont believe that since I had my first one for 5 years and never got pregnant. There was some b___st sorness but nothing I would complaine about, and I dont remember any swelling. Right now the pain and swelling are uncontrolable. I dont even like to wear a bra there so tender. My shirt touching them is agany. I keep hopeing it just goes away but it persists and my Doc is not a lot of help right now.


sana - May 24

hey, what it is true? what is Mirena is different now than five-seven years ago? hormons levels or something else in it that causes all this confusion and problems? sisters, I wonder if we should start asking questions? there are too many of us with the same symptoms. unpleasant symptoms! what is going on?


Bonzy - May 25

I agree. My blood pregnancy test was negative but I pushed the nurse i spoke with into setting me up for an appointment with one of the doctors. I have questions and Im going to get some answers if it kills me. I have notices some of the swelling and the soreness go away but I still feel like some one ran me over with a mack truck. Ive read on other sites that the mirena was only effective for 2 years. But like i said before mine was effective for all 5. But what if the makers of this product found that in some women it was only effective for that short amount of time maybe they did jack up the level of hormones that put in the thing to make sure it was effective for all women for the whole 5 years. I think im going to send the makers of this product a letter and find out if they have made any changes to the product in the last 6years. Im not sure weather or not I will get a real answer but it will make me feel better to try. At least im not pregant.


sjhartsock - June 8

I got the mirena in Oct. 05. I have never had any problems with it. I really want a baby but my husband wants to wait until hes done with school next year. Its been about 2 weeks that I started feeling really tired and I have been so cranky. I have heart burn alot, and I never have heart burn except when I was pregnant. I dont feel normal, and after reading all of the forums it makes you think. I would love to be pregnant and the only thing about taking the test is that I will be bummed if this is just false hope.I definitely feel things that I felt when I was pregnant. My son is result of the patch not working that well and fertile mertile runs in the family


NavywifeMea - June 30

I have been reading everyone's posts on here. This is really scaring me! I have had the Mirena for 3 and a half years! I have had nothing but complications with it and I hate it!! When I first got it I had a period non-stop for almost a year..and when I say non-stop I mean it. I would have maybe a 2 day break before my period would start again and then it would last for about 3 weeks!! They had to put me back on the pill along with Mirena to get my periods back regular and it worked. Once I came off the pill everything was fine! About 5 or 6 weeks ago my fiance was home for leave. I was on my period for about 4 days and it was normal but I haven't had a period since and my b___sts have been hurting off and on like I'm pregnant. I've never had them hurt except when I was pregnant with my daughter. They have hurt so bad that getting a shower and having water on them hurt! I have had severe headaches, intolerable pains to where I couldn't even drive and they would bring tears in my eyes! I have also noticed that I'm more bloated than normal, have also had nausea and increased appet_te on some days and decreased on others. I've been craving sweet pickles and Mexican food like CRAZY! I haven't taken a test yet. I can tell that my Mirena is moving around cause I will check it from time to time and notice that the knot the doctor put on strings is either too far out or isn't there cause it moved up! Not to mention when I tell people I'm on the Mirena they all told me they know a hand full of people that got pregnant on it. My daughter was a birth control baby. I'm also getting heartburn and I rarely get heartburn! I don't know what's going on but I do know that as soon as my fiance and I get married I am having it removed immediately! I like not having to worry about taking a pill or putting on a patch but I would much rather do that than deal with all these complications from the Mirena. I'm not suppose to have it removed til Jan 2012 but I'm not waiting any longer! S_x hasn't been the same. I can tell the difference. I feel like I'm pregnant. None of my clothes fit the same! I'm only 22 and having all these complications! This sucks!



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