Subchorionic Hematoma

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krazykat - June 12

hi everyone. I hae finally been diagnosed with a hematoma at 21 weeks pregnant. I have been bleeding since 13 weeks and 5 days but have never been in a great deal of pain a few cramps. My hematoma is 4.4cmx1.3cmx3.3cm the fetal heartbeat is around 160 beats per minute and i feel o.k. The thing is i havent been given any information on what to do exept an appointment to return for a further scan on 23rd June? Has anyone actually got any advice on this condition?


rooroo - August 18

Hi everyone iv just signed up...I have been reading all your stories and you all have made me feel so much better...Im 21 pregnant for the 1st time it was a big shock but im so excited now:) I started bleeding at 5 and a half weeks just days after finding out(when i wiped or a little bit on a pad)..I went to the maternity hospital and they said that bleeding was common in early pregnancy but i was still worried so they checked me out and my cervix was closed so they sent me home...I felt so much better until i was 6wks and 2days...I was at work and i thought i done a wee on myself..I ran to the bathroom and there was so much blood all over me.. when i wiped there was blood clots and i was freakin out i was so scared..i had no pain doh...I went staight to the hospital and they checked my cervix again it was still closed and they booked me to have an ultrasound the next morning i was so nervous and sared because obviously i didnt want anything wrong with my baby...Baby was fine growing the way it was suppose to and heart was beating healthy but they found a blood clot...The ultrasound lady said she was "cautionaly optimistic" it still didnt sink in doh bcos thats positive and negative in 1 breath...i stopped bleeding after 2weeks..I had my 1st trimester screen yesterday(12wks 3days) and baby was movin and doing the back stroke it was so cool to see and made me so happy but the blood clot is still there...I woke tis morning and i have been bleedin all day:( I emailed my doctor and she told me that its hematoma and its 3cm the same size as it was 6wks ago...The blood clot is considered small and to just lie up on the couch and just monitor my bleed if it continues iv to go to the hospital..Im so scared because iv gone so far now but i cant enjoy my pregnancy because of this i just want my baby to be ok and the blood clot to go away...Ill let you no how i get on...


Jodester - September 2

I began spotting brown in my second pregnancy (age 34) when I was about 4-5 weeks pregnant, right when I normally would have expected my period. Went in for the internal sonogram and was pleasantly surprised to see a very healthy twinkling heartbeat, but there was a subchorionic hematoma. At around 6 weeks the spotting got heavier (needed a pad, not just a pantiliner) and it turned bright red for about two days. Then it went back to brown spotting. This whole bleeding episode lasted about 6 weeks total. That twinkling heartbeat is now a beautiful, charismatic, and energetic 4.5 year old girl!


AMarie - September 24

Hi everyone:: Thank you for sharing your stories. I have been reading them a lot! Some make me feel better, but I am still very nervous. I am 7 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child. On Wednesday- 2 days ago- I woke up and was bleeding heavily bright red blood. I went to my OB Dr. that day and they did a trans v____al ultrasound. My doctor said I had a large bleed and showed it to me. My baby was alive and had a heartbeat. He also said the fluid inside the amniotic sac looked like it had debris floating it in, which it's not supposed to. He said I could either miscarry or the baby could be fine. He gave me no other information. Reading the posts on here have made me feel more prepared. I am still bleeding the same amount and it is still bright red. I keep hoping it will be brown, but it's not. I go in on Monday for another ultrasound and I am so nervous. My doctor didn't tell me to be on bed rest but I have been, or as much as I can be with a 7 year old and a very active 16 month old. My husband is taking off work this weekend so I am not home alone but I am so nervous.


krazykat - September 29

I had a haematoma when i started bleeding at 13 weeks, i went to triage about 12 times before they discovered it doctors didnt have a clue but my bleeding was brown. it turned red again when i was 24 weeks they kept me in hospital turned out they didnt know the reason for the bleeding and the haematoma should only cos you to bleed a little, went home again went back to hospital at 28 weeks when the told me i had absent end diastolic flow we need to deliver your baby. Hayden was born at 28 weeks and could breath on his own did not need to be ventilated, hes 8 weeks old now and noe weighs 3lbs 10 ounces and doing well in the neonatal unit in hospital. he was small for his gestational age weiging only 755 grams, a baby at 28 weeks should weigh around 1 kg. but you should try and find out if maybe you have a subchronic hematoma,


thistlenl - September 30

Hi all I had a ma__sive bleed at 8,5 weeks and ended up in hospital. Scan showed healthy baby though. I'm now 14.5 weeks but know now that I have a SH, too. Measured about 5cm first, was slightly bigger the week after (at about 13 weeks). I've been bleeding brown blood recently and it's actually getting less, but it's still very scary. What are peoples thoughts on total bedrest? I have a 22 month-old to look after so it's kind of hard, but if it's proven that this helps to get rid of the SH than I will do everything to try and make it happen. I've been told to phone hospital if I start bleeding bright red blood, otherwise not to panic. I have been told to take it easy, but not to lie down 24-hrs a day. Anyone out there who had this and went on to have a healthy baby? :-) I'm due on 27 March 2011. Cheers


CheeseC - November 5

I am so glad to have found this forum! My husband, 22 month old, and I are currently living in Japan, so this has been a rather scary experience not only with the bleeding but with a different medical system and language barrier. My situation is almost exactly like thistlenl's. My due date is April 29th, 2011 and at 12 weeks I had a ma__sive bleed and ended up in the hospital for four days (since I was 5 hours from my home and they didn't want me to travel back with danger of miscarriage). My blood 'collection' they called it, measured 4-5 cm, and after a week of bed rest and then limited physical activity, it began to disappear. I knew that living in a new culture, with language school studies, and caring for an active daughter where causing my body a lot more stress than usual. The doctor said trauma to the uterus or stress on the body can rupture those blood vessels. So, after taking it easy, I decided to venture out this past Sunday. I found myself getting worn out, frustrated and stressed again and began to bleed. This week the doctor saw me again and said the SCH (glad to have a name for it now, thanks to you guys) is back and measuring slightly larger. She has put me on medicine to relax the uterus, and antibiotics to fight any infection in that area. The baby seems to be healthy and growing well, but I am a little concerned about this going on into my third trimester, where the doctor said premature labor can occur. I was sad to read of the stories here where some babies did not survive. I, too appreciate any advice, or stories about having healthy babies from this condition. Thanks for a place where I can share with others. It is difficult being away from my family/friends/doctors in the states, so I am grateful for this forum. Keep posting.


mypristine - November 6

hi im 8 weeks pregnant and was found to have subchronic hemmorage at the fundal portion. is this dangerous? thanks


thistlenl - November 6

Hi CheeseC and others, well, here's a wee update from me. I actually stopped bleeding at 17 weeks (hurray!) and have not done so since. I'm now 20 weeks. I feel the baby kicking like crazy and my husband has also felt it, so that's definitely a rea__surance. I've not seen a doctor or midwife for weeks now, but I feel a lot better and do think things might be ok now. I'm seeing a midwife on the 19th, then get a scan on the 22nd, then see a consultant on the 25th (why couldn't they spread these appointments a bit??!). I reckon the scan will definitely show if things are better, but the fact that I feel better means a lot I reckon. My midwife suggested taking pregnacare vitamins daily, which I've started doing. I have no idea if it makes a difference but it can't harm. Drink lots, too, that's what I've read, and take it easy. No lifting...! Our son (he turns 2 next week) has started climbing into his car seat on his own, on my lap on his own, etc. You can make life easier for you by doing this kind of thing. So.... there might just be light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck!


clk0511 - November 7

Hi. I am new to this site, this thread, and dealing with SCH. Although there was a small sac on my 6w3d U/S, it was a__sumed to be a vanishing twin. This past Friday was my follow-up U/S. According to the original due date they gave me, I am 11w5d but the U/S showed baby measuring 12w5d. I don't have details on size of the SCH but it was def larger than it was on the first U/S. It was NOT larger than baby by any means. It is at the edge of the placenta, near the cervix. I bled from last Friday until Wednesday though it was mostly spotting the last day or so. The U/S at the ER last Friday showed a healthy baby with strong heartbeat. The U/S this Friday showed the same. After reading all the info online, I am SO nervous! I can't help but wonder what my prognosis is... I will have to wait for word from my CNM. For now, I am keeping their original advice of resting as much as possible, no excercise or strenuous activity and complete pelvic rest. I am a little concerned about bf'ing my 7 month old now too. What a lot to take in... Then, after being on my feet for a while Friday night, I started bleeding again. It's been mostly light brown spotting with some pink when I go to the b/r. I don't know what to think but am nervous and really wanting to talk to my CNM tomorrow to see what is next! :/


cmpa__sos - January 15

Your post really made me feel hopeful. I found out I have a big one (9.7 cm) last Monday. I'm 17 weeks and I'm praying for everything to ok with my baby and for a healthier pregnancy.


thistlenl - January 16

Hi everyone, well I'm due on 27 March and now doing absolutely fine!! The doctors have told me they don't want to see me back in hospital until I go into labour. Do keep up your spirits. With me, the hematoma simply disappeared. Once I stopped bleeding I also started to feel a lot better. Just take it easy while things are not great and drink lots of water. That's what I did and we're looking forward to a healthy baby in March. Fingers crossed. I'll keep you posted :-)


MsRutherford - March 12

I am almost 7 weeks and started bleeding heavily and my husband rushed me to the hospital thinking I was having a miscarriage like I did a year ago. Well they gave me a ultrasound and said that there was a heartbeat and there still is a baby there but I have a subchorionic hematoma and the size is 2.4*2.3*1.7. not sure what the size means but anyway...I am soooo scared and I can only think about it.... I am still bleeding and it has been lasting for almost 2 days....I hope me and everybody else has a good outcome.


aqualejo - March 13

I had this hematoma between week 8 and week 12.. I was very worried as I was put on strict bedrest, and continued to bleed for 4 weeks. However by week 13, the hematoma dissappeared from the radar .. it had drained itself out. The bleeding of dark blood is stressful but it is most probably the hematoma slowly but surely leaving your body. The rest of my pregnancy was fine.. that was almost 11 months ago. I now have a beautiful 3 month old daughter. It´s a bit stressful but hang in there and have faith. It made me realise how happy and lucky I was to be pregnant. Also, Don´t spend too much time on Google.. it´s scary and stresses you out even more. Most of these cases turn out fine.. just have faith :-)


MsRutherford - March 13

Thanks for your comment..... I am just soooo worried cause I had a miscarriage just a year ago.... I just really hope this goes away on its own... I just want to stop bleeding and maybe i'll feel a little better ya know....Also I am having mild cramps and hope this is normal...


AMarie - March 13

Hey everyone. I didn't realize I never gave an update on what happened w/ my bleed until I got a response today. I unfortunately had a miscarriage at 7.5 weeks along. It was a very sad and difficult time and I was very afraid I wouldn't be able to have another normal pregnancy. I am happy to say that I was able to become pregnant again and I am 23 weeks along in my pregnancy and have had no complications at all! I still miss the baby that we lost but I will never forget it, and we'll see the baby someday in Heaven. Very blessed to have this new baby on the way! Good luck to all of you. :)



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