The Horible Truth About Baby Formula Please Read

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Inna - February 5

Question: Hi, and im horrified with what I found out, and I realy want to pass this on. The reason why I did this reaserch on formula because I had a lot of questions nobody wanted to answer. I started wondering about this when i had my baby and they gave me free formula in the hospital. My first question was why would they do that, and when you go to the store its so expensive! well, as other moms i thought formula was healthy and full of good nutrition. so why did I have to br___tfeed and go through all that pain? I knew br___tfeeding was best but the formula factories make it seem like formula is almost best choice. I had a lot of problems br___tfeeding so I put him on infamil lipil with iron formula, but I was still breasfeeding half the time. My baby became a gassy, constipated, and very fussy baby. thats when I when i went to the doctor. He simply told me to stop breasfeeding and swich to the low iron formula. well I went to wic and told them about it but they dont give out formula thats with low iron. but they tried me to get a bunch of other ones they thought would work, but none of them did. So my brestfeeding councelor said it was the iron that was bothering him. Once I put him on the low iron formula, he was alot better. I started wondering why would formula do this if it was so close to br___tmilk? and not only that- formula companies agree that because a baby cannot digest iron, they tripple the iron in the formula! Another example, is a very sick baby was brought in to wic office. they tell the mother that it must be a lack of iron thats making her baby sick. but when they took a blood test-the iron level in the baby was dangerously high! also if you found out what formula is made from you would never come close to it! I reaserched it and found that formula companies are competing with each other for better bussines! they dont care about babies needs, they care about their own pockets! when they find out that your pregnant they send you gifts, cupons, and even free samples. even if a mother choose to breasfeed, that can surely stop her decition to do so. why would they advertise it so much? they even teach about breasfeeding just to get attention and use advertisement like -bottle feed without being guilty- in which many get cought. it doesnt have any vitamins in it. I found a research some good honest docters made and are trying to warn parents about it. they say the vitamins in the formula are sinthetic cousind advers affects, death, and deseases. formula makes babies sick-not healthy. Expecialy the iron, soy, and nutramigen formula that is very dangerous. it contains the wrong sugar that leads to other illneses, and other ingrediants that are harmful. they dont give mothers the chance to br___tfeed and grow a healthy infant. also they pay hospitals and doctors to recoment formula to parent and pay them large sums of money for it. evey mother that decides to br___tfeed, they loose at least a $1,000.00 its a billion dollor industry-two millon a day! there is so much more information that I have, but I dont want to bored anyone. Im mad i choose to formula feed. Im trying to get my milk back. he is only 5 moths. If any of you have any questions or want more information please ask. Or email me thanks alot for reading!


ga2bme - February 6

Hi Inna, First of all I want to thank you for your research. But in any case with everything in life I do believe that all cases are different. For instance both my girls were not picky when it came to formula. We did use the infamil low iron at first, but later found out I could use just about any kind with them because they were just good eaters and didnt have any problems with bowel movements or anything like that. I never b___stfed with either of my girls and they were very healthy and happy babies. On the other hand my sister did b___stfeed and her babies all had problems with ear infections and one of them even had their first cold at 2 months. I am not saying that it was the b___stfeeding or the lack of b___stfeeding either way. I just think that as I said each child and history is different and therefore are going to react different. I would love to have b___stfed but couldnt. And I still think that it is the best for your baby. But before we all go crazy and just decide never to use formula we need to just remeber that it is a choice that some of us HAVE to make and just have to try to pick the one that is the best for our little ones. Don't just think that your baby is going to automatically get deathly sick from using formula.(but know that most babies are very sensative to too much iron in their diets)(not fact ,just something that I have learned through watching ALOT of babies) Some first time mothers reading this might get scared and think that there is no other option for them other than b___stfeeding. I don't think that I have ever read of a baby dying from formula and if there is a case I think that there would have to be other circ_mstances related to the incident. So please just make sure you pay attention to your baby, make the right decision for you and your baby and if you are an attentive mother like most of us are you will know what to do if problems arise with your baby realted to their formula. There are so many options out there nowadays. I just hate for new mothers or otherwise would read and think OMG what will I do now, I don't want to b___stfeed. Be a Mother and you will know what comes next! (by the way I do not work for any formula companies or even a doctor or anything, just a MOM)


Klasnaya - February 6

hi ga2bme....and thanks for your post. yes, some moms will be scared. this is my first baby too. the way the formula society feeds us is that formula is so good....why b___stfeed? see, some moms just dont give b___stfeeding a chance. they think its something some moms do for fun. I workes as a nurse and thats what most moms thought! formula should be used only under some medical conditions and not as a second choice. have you ever seen them saying-bottlefeed without feeling guilty? whats that say? you can b___stfeed but please pic formula and dont feel guilty! ok i dont want to make a big uproar and excuse this post. i was only helping and giving out some facts. i know much about this. I whent out with a docter before, and I know their many secrets. thats why i ended up running from him, even though i loved him so much! he was the sweetest thing, and he was good lookin too. but pardon me and forget about it please!


Klasnaya - February 6

i forgot to say-this is Inna.


ga2bme - February 6

I hope you didnt take my response as negative. These were just my views. I think that everyone knows that the medical prosession has alot of hidden secrets and I don't doubt there is a scam somewhere in everything. Money is life. I know that formula should always be 2nd to b___stmilk, although it is all about preference. I truly thank you for the info and please dont' take my response as an insult or put down by any means. Good Luck!


JOVI - February 21



anne - February 24

When I was in the hospital they attempted to get the baby to b___stfeed. After 20 seconds (seriously) the nurse pulled her off me and said "it will never work. we will give you similac to feed to her with". She convinced me that it's all we had for her. I had to pump my b___stmilk and add it her formula or give it to her straight for 8 weeks after. It was very depressing and it made me feel like a failure. i found out later that what the nurse told me wasn't true. all babies can b___stfeed. she was just lazy and pushing formula on us.


HannahBaby - April 2

get a life and stop pushing your dumb beliefs on everyone. I know that you have posted this on alot of other forums and i really think that its ridiculous. i chose not to bf for my own reasons along with many other women on this forum, I think its bullc___p that formula companys pay drs to push formula I HAVE NEVER EVER MET A DOCTOR THAT RECOMMENDED FORMULA OVER BREASTFEEDING. I think that you have way too much time on your hands. This forum does nothing but make people feel bad for chosing what was right for them. I worked in a hospital and know why they give out free formula!! first off. Their are people who plan on b___stfeeding and then change their mind. Did you want to go to the store and go shopping the day after you had your child. And secondly, If a poor family comes in and you know that they dont have money the hospital will give them a bunch of free samples so that they dont feel so bombarded until wic takes affect. Alot of mothers chose to b___stfeed for themselves and their babys, not because formula is so expensive. Getting free samples never changed my mind when i was set on b___stfeeding. i bottle fed and DONT FEEL GUILTY. I have a extremely healthy baby who has only had one cold and one ear infection. We were all b___stfed in my family. My older brother has a TONS of allergies and was in and out of hospital for the first 3 years of his life.....what are you going to say now that their was someting wrong with her b___st milk....get real....


Susan W - April 4

I have met a doctor who pushed formula instead of b___stfeeding. I was very angry, as when I interviewed her, she made it come out like she was pro-b___stfeeding, but at our first checkup, she made us take formula and insisted our baby needed it. I changed pediatricians not long after that. And I'm still nursing 19 months later. You have to decide what is best for your lifestyle when it comes to this, but we don't live in a very pro-b___stfeeding society. We live in one where it's just more commonly acceptable to bottlefeed (although I don't understand why more moms don't pump and feed their babies for free!). BTW, I am a doctor.


TRP - April 4

Hmmm....this seems very unrealistic. I have fed my dd with Enfamil Lipil w/ iron and the Sam's brand that has lipil and iron and my dd is just fine. My nurses actually wanted me to b___stfeed when she was at the hospital. My dd had to spend the first week of her life in the ICU and they gave her formula because I wasn't allowed to bf yet because she was on a breathing machine, and they fed her through a tube, but once she got off that like 2 days later, they urged me to pump more and more to give her b___stmilk. I ended up formula feeding her after 7 weeks of bf-ing and she's been very healthy and growing fine!


kristie h - April 8

Hi, I am sorry but i think this is aload of bull ****. Where did you do your research? on the net?. Have you ever heard the saying "dont belive in everything you read? I could not produce milk, what was i ment to do starve my baby cause they have not inveted a subsotute for women like me? EVERY single FORMULAR TIN i have bought isay all in capitals " IMPORTANT" BREAST MILK IS BEST FOR BABIES" so why would they put that if they didnt want you to b___st feed. Also this competion thing, i think is a load of c___p, just cause you like sumthing doesnt mean im going to like the same brand eg: you may like coke a cola doesnt mean i like the same taste that that company produces. I think that the company is not competing, its that not all babys like the same taste as all formulars as they all taste different.


Ducky - April 16

Its not even about the taste. It's about what it does to your baby. Since I have had my baby one month ago I have heard stories from 5 different people about what Similac with Iron did to hurt their kids. I think it may be true because my baby was on the same thing and he was ga__sy, constipated and VERY fussy. I haven't changed the formula because I have heard that changing the formula can hurt the baby just as much, plus I'm on wic and they wont give out any other kind of formula.


Lana0398 - April 18

Hello ladies. my baby had the iron formula from wic too and my baby was in alot of pain. he was ga__sy, puked alot and was constipated realy bad to the point where i had ro help him go all the time. wic tried giving me other formulas but they were still with iron. they all made him sick. My docter finaly told me to buy my own formula that had low iron. i think its not true that changing formulas can hurt babies cuz i noticed change in only one bottle with the low iron formula. within a week he was going potty without my help and stopped crying after having a bottle. I was very mad that they pushed the iron formula. It is all about the money. My dh didnt care about buying our own formula. we would rather see our baby happy and not in pain all the time. I have seen many babies eat and then start to cry and moms think they are still hungry and offer more formula and just make things more worst for the poor babies. I feel very sorry for them! I told wic I think they shouldnt push that formula. Many of them know that. The one lady told me she is just doing her job, too bad moms pick formula. So they know it!


angel_one - April 19

ok so this is all fine and that, but then what happends to the babies who really need to be on formula (my daughter refused b___st milk at 3 months she stoped feeding for 3 days and was losing weight quite fast, i had no other choice but to feed her formula, or continue to let her stave ( as the b___stfeeding a__sociation told me just to keep trying, wait till shes really hungry, she'll feed then, lot of good that info was she wouldnt feed just scream more!) and my daughter is now almost 3, very healthy, not over weight (quite the opposite - very peite) we get the occasional cold, but that all comes down to normal childhood illnesses, what do you expect, if your kid socializes with other children there bound to come down with the occasional illness!. i now currently have a 4 month old son who is also formula feed, hes been on atleast 1 since he was 2 weeks old and is slowly being weaned from b___st due to another baby on the way, hes fine, he ha had 1 or 2 colds which were thanks to his big sister but they didnt hurt him, and we have had more problems with our dd and constipation since she went off her formula at age 1, thn we did while she was on formula, it all comes down to choosing the formula that works best for your child, we currently use the cheapest on the market were we live and its fine, i refuse to pay for the s26 c___p when the cheaper stuff does exactly the same job!


anne - May 2

are you sure you;re not thinking about the china incident? the babies starved, but it was the company's fault and it was resolved. anyone who isnt paying attention to their baby's weight has issues. if you fear the formula or think you are not making enough milk, then talk to your doc


karlynn17 - May 5

Inna,everything you said seems pretty obvious and nothing shocking at all. I'm not trying to be rude, but nothing you said is earth shattering. Yes they do push samples in the hospital but this is just the companies marketing their product. It happens everwhere......


shybarbie - May 19

Hi Inna, I have to say, you are not the only mom who has had the same question... I had it too. What am I really giving my baby? I had my baby in formula, because I had sealed ducts, and the b___st milk could not come out, giving me no other choice but to formula feed. I gave my baby formula, and her pediatrician said to give until she was one year old... So... I was giving her the formula, and she was getting a little constipated, yes, but it didn't make me thing anything of it, I just thought, well maybe her tummy needs to get used to it... Well 91/2 months later, I get up one morning, with such an uneasiness about the ingredients in the formula, I almost ignored it, but then I thought why not check it out. So I got online, and started to type some, not all, but some of the ingredients and found that some of them, when broken down, have been linked to kidney, lung failure, mitochondrial disease, parkinsons, diabetes, autism, damage to skeletal muscles, damage to brain cells, and the list goes on. I could not believe my eyes, and the more I read, the worst I felt because I was giving this poison to my baby girl, and the better I felt, because I had followed my gut instinct, and had found out something I didn't know. You better believe that the same morning I found out the info, I got her off formula. I started her in Cow's milk Organic. Everything I give her is organic... for odvious reasons. So.. Inna, I am with you... good research! keep going on, even if you are looked at the wrong way. Do what is best for your kid, and keep pa__sing on the word, because there might be many mothers that will be grateful. Many moms think like us.......



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