Recurrent Blighted Ovum

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Julia C. - February 27

Hi, I have had 3 miscarriages (all blighted ovums) in the past 6 months. My husband and I plan to start trying again in about six weeks. We are currently undergoing a number of tests, but have not heard anything yet. With my next pregnancy I plan to take baby aspirin, progesterone suppositories, and extra folic acid. Has anyone had a successful pregnancy after multiple blighted ovums? Did you take baby aspirin or progesterone?


tararach12 - March 1

I am so sorry for your loss Julia. I had two blighted ovums, one in March 2005, and one in June 2005. I started on baby aspirin, Premesis prenatal vitamins, and extra folic acid right after that. I am now 7w5d pregnant and on 2/16 we had an u/s showing sac, yolk sac, and baby. We even heard the heartbeat. The only advice from my doc was to wait 6 months. Hope all goes well for you. You will be in my prayers.


Julia C. - March 1

Tara, congratulations on your pregnancy! Hearing a heartbeat is so exciting. It is really encouraging to hear a success story. If you don't mind my asking, why did your doctor advise you to wait 6 months?


tararach12 - March 1

I really think it was for my emotional wellbeing. Two miscarriages in 3 months took a huge toll on myself and my husband. I wanted a baby more than anything but I knew I had to left myself heal. So for 6 months I really tried to tune into my body and I can honestly say that I am with peace about losing my babies.


Julia C. - March 2

I am sorry for your losses. You are very fortunate to have a doctor so in tuned to your family’s emotional needs. My first two miscarriages were only two months apart and it was so difficult at one point that we almost made the decision to stop trying. In the end we waited four months before trying again. Like you, I spent the time working on myself. I believe my husband and I were able to start the healing process and we were better prepared emotionally for the next pregnancy. Please keep me updated on your progress through this pregnancy. I am so happy for you.


jalbert - March 3

Julia, please talk to your doctor about this. While it's normal to have one or two blighted ovums, more than that can indicate genetic problems. Baby aspirin and progesterone are not necessarily the answer. Your doctor and/or genetics counselor can advise you to the best treatment options. I am truly sorry for your loss. I've suffered a blighted ovum as well and know first hand how devestating they are.


Julia C. - March 3

Jalbert, I am sorry for your loss and thank you for your concern, however, I am a RN, my husband is a doctor and we have spoken extensively with our OB, RE, and Geneticist. We have undergone genetic testing and everything is normal. My husband and I have done extensive research on the subject and our wonderful OB (who has had two blighted ovum herself) recommended I try baby aspirin and progesterone. We feel very comfortable with our decision.


beth06 - April 2

Julia, Congratulations & please keep us updated on your pregnancy. I had one blighted ovum in Sept., and the dr. told me 3 days ago I have nother with this current pregnancy. Although I havent miscarried yet, I am sure its bound to happen. I cry myself to sleep ondering if I will ever have kids & am so hooeful after reading your post. I plan to go to specialist after this is over & hope I am as blessed as you in the near future.


Mamuska - July 29

Incase anyone else finds this page as i did my experiance has been reasonably extensive. I suffered two blighted ovums the first time i had no idea until week thirteen when i began to bleed brownish discharge scan revealed placenta and membranes no baby we were sent home to pa__s our baby i continued to bleed for 4 weeks two weeks after the bleading stopped we concived again we insisted on an early scan which showed another blighted ovum but also remains of last one as well we were devestated and began to wonder if we could have a child two monthes later i was in sever pain and began to try and pa__s the second time we were given a D&C after three days of agony (bad care) one month later we were going to have some drinks together and i insisted on testing for pregnancy first we were surprised and frightened to see a positive. I refused to invest in the pregnancy 6week scan showed healthy baby later that year our 10pound daughter was born we have loved her so much she is great! thinking all was behind us in the blighted ovum department we planned to give our little girl a sibling for her second birthday. Sadly at twelve weeks without any warning i began again to pa__s brown blood my heart dropped as yesterday morning the scan revealed twin blighted ovums. I cried all day and night and insisted on having a D&C straight away i reccomend this to anyone to clean things out and not to drag the pain out. We know we can have a Baby but i was not expecting that this would happen again. Keep your chins up Girls and greive as much as you need our babies were loved and wanted and real even if they never grew i believe they each had a soul that will never suffer the pains of our world. Much love MY four little angels.


nicolehennes - October 9

I am 22 years old ... I had 5 blighted ovums back to back... my sixth pregnancy iwas scared to death at my ultrasound but to my suprise I heard a heartbeat... I had a beautiful son 7 lbs 9 ounces... 5 months later once again i was pregnant.. even though i had one baby i was scare it would be like the first five pregnancies... Now i have two beautiful bouys.. my oldest son is 18 months and my youngest is 2 months old... good luck... I hope you have the baby you want soon and hope this gives you hope :)


yujinnie - January 10

Hello ladies, I had one blight ovum last April followed by a chemical pregnancy in October. Yesterday, I found out that we had another blight ovum. It is very a__suring to hear the success stories but I am still grieving the loss..... Can anyone let me know if your doctor did any type of tests or treatments after multiple blight ovum? I heard that sometimes it's caused by clot which prevents blood from flowing into the fetus/embryo or sometimes stuff in the uterus attacks pregnancy which prevents from a fetus/embryo to grow. Anyone find out what caused your blight ovum and what treatments were given for the cause?


4boyzMom - March 16

Hello Ladies... I have a question... Did any of you had brighten ovums after already having children?? I have sons and on my 5th pregnancy I had a BO.. I was told in Nov & was told it only takes a few weeks to miscarry.. I ended up having a D&C in Jan 2012. I gave myself a month just to hav a thick lining for an egg to implant.. So here I am pregnant again in March & I scared that it will happen again.. My OB said that BO are because of chromosome problems.. But I have kids already & I haven't read anyone say if they had children prior to BO... Thanks!


greatbiglomux07 - April 10

Hi 4boyzmom, in answering your question, I had two blighted ovums, one in 05 and one in 07. I then went on to have a normal healthy pregnancy and baby girl in 09. I should now be almost 10 weeks gone, but a ultrasound last week showed that this pregnancy could be another BO. The hospital have said that they wanted to wait a week just to make sure, as there was a sac and yolk but no fetus, and the sac was measuring 7 weeks plus. I was 9 weeks on that day so know in my heart when i go back that it will be a BO. Im sorry that they made you wait so long before going ahead with a D&C. I had D&C's with both of mine and if this a BO i will have another. Good luck for any future babies.xxxx


Jingle - August 9



Jingle - August 9

hi guys, I just had my 3rd blighted ovum... I do have a healthy baby girl though so i know that i can get pregnant but i feel so nervous about trying again, i wonder what is wrong with me :-(


hopingtohelp - March 6

Sorry to hear the stories of loss. I had two blighted ovums one after the other in the space of a year. Fortunately I had already had two healthy babies but with the second blighted ovum I saw a specialist and he said that consecutive blighted ovums can be caused by a varicose vein in the left t______e of the man. . The specialist explained that on the left side the vein drains right from the kidney into the t______e and that if a man gets a varicose vein there all it does is cause a 0.5 - 1 degree temperature difference, but this causes the sperm to not form properly so you get a larger percentage of defective and immature sperm and if these fertilize the egg you can end up with repeated b/o. He did also explain how the left t______e in some way effects the right but I have forgotten the details. I asked about my eggs and he brushed the issue aside and was convinced it was a complete side issue given my age (35).He said if I had been over 42 it might be more of a concern. He also said that research he and colleagues had done into consecutive b/os in South Africa was what made him suggest this line of action for me. What I found empowering was that he suggested unlike anyone else that there WAS something that could be done. He said to have my husband examined by a urologist and if there was a varicose vein get it clipped and try again. This he said reduced the risk of b/o by 70%, but he said there was still the possibility of insemination if issues still remained. I am just hoping that to get this information to anyone that it might save going through what I went through. It turned out I was not game enough to try for a third time, but I am sending this information to anyone who is desperate for something to do as it might just be the answer to your whispered prayers.


MomToOne - May 2

I am currently miscarrying my 6th blighted ovum. My first & long awaited pregnancy was successful & I have a wonderful daughter. She is 4.5 now and over the last 3 years I have tried to have another child but have not been successful. Each one is just as hard as the 1st. I'm getting old & my health isn't perfect and time is running out quickly for me. My husband is usually strong when it happens but even he is visibly upset this time & said he was so happy thinking we were having another baby & now he's so sad because we are not. I should probably stop trying but it's hard to do so when you want children so desperately. I tried 15 years before I had my girl. I have cousins my age who have tons of kids and are already grand parents!



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