Boyfriend Wants Me To Abort

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rose - September 20

im also in that situation now and also im so afraid. my family also dont know my situation. im only 19 yrs old. what should i do?


- September 20

to rose, i just read ur post, do what u think, but u asked what we think. i think u should have the baby u are an adult and u have ur own choice. u can aslo have the baby and place it with a family that want more or cant have any children. good luck


rose - September 21

can we talk? you know im a 4th year college and i dont want to broke the expectation of my parents. im a deans lister in my school. i want to abort but i dont know how?


Kim - September 24

I found out I was pregnant one month prior from high school and was pressured by both my long time boyfriend at the time and the planned parenthood counselor to have an abortion. I finally after alot of thought came to the conclusion that it was something I simply could not live with. In the end it depends on you and where you are. My decision broke us up, however, Kaitlyn, is now 7 years old. I graduated from high school, college, and now hold a position with a good company and am pregnant and happy. My husband and I have been married for 5 years. My advice to you is to follow your heart because unfortunately relationships are not a guarantee, however, I guarantee that you will have to wake up each morning and live with the decision you choose. Regardless I wish you the best. The decision is never an easy one.


stacey - September 27

do u want to abort the baby if u dont dont do it the father of the baby is probabely looking out for his own social life and his own plans for the future not ur physcological health if u do abort the baby he cant realy love u if he doesnt want to share something special with u it aint jes up to him u keep tha baby because in a few years time when it is in its first years of school u wil be glad u didant and even if ur a single mum jes be proud that u r a strong person and that little person will love u 4eva !


Channie - September 27

Hi. I just found about when I was about 3 1/2 weeks along that I was pregnant. I told my brother who happens to be in the Air Force and is divorced with 2 kids already and he suggested that I have an abortion. I was horrified at the idea of doing that to my baby and so I decided to keep it and I told him my reasons. To me, abortion is immoral. But it's different for everyone. I'm doing what I believe in and I'm against it but it's not anyone's choice but your own. I already have a 2 yr old and this one was unplanned b/c I was on BC. Well, since then, my boyfriend has long accepted the idea that he is going to be a father again and he has not pushed the abortion subject at me since a couple of weeks ago. Now I am about 7 weeks along. Please if you can't afford the baby then give it up for adoption because the psychological damage could be devastasting but like I said It's definitely your choice and I made mine. Good Luck to whatever decision you make.


kat - September 28

i got no boyfriend he left me 4 my friend and i am pregnant and i don't now what to do


no name - September 29

I was in the same situation last year. Boyfriend didnt want the baby, said hed be around if I decided to but wouldnt be happy. Told me I would ruin his life. Well, I decided to have the abortion. My friends and family were upset with me. They wanted me to keep the baby. My first reaction to my pregnancy was that I was thrilled and ready for it no matter what. But my b/f kept working on me. I didnt want to lose him, I was also in the middle of college. But now I regret it wholeheartedly. My b/f and I are still together, but in a way I resent him for putting me in the situation. I should have stepped up to the responsibility by myself. I was so very stupid. Dont do it. He will either man up and face the consequences of his actions, and if he ends up leaving you over it he was never worth it.


juliee - September 30

how i abort my pregenecy with easy sulotion i have one week pregnent


U will regret it - September 30

Take it from someone who had one last year, you will regret it. I had so much guilt over it that I had an emotional breakdown and had to into therapy to deal with what I did. They don't tell you at the clinic that this might ruin your life.


just tryin to help - October 4

I agree with " Hi Louise"


Amy - October 8

I have had two abortions!!! Every day of my life I have beat myself up over it and I cant forgive myself. I am still with the same guy after Five years, we planned to have a baby, I am now 16 weeks pregnant and guess what? He wants me to have an abortion! I have told him to drop dead! He has never felt what I have felt! I always wanted him to understand what I went through, but he never did so I felt alone and bitter. Its ok gor him to turn around and say "go for and abortion" he doesnt know what its like! In any case I would LOOK INTO ABORTION BEFORE HAVING IT DONE! If I had know the full extent of what an abortion was I would be sitting here now with 2 lovely children and one on the way!! Do what you feel is right it is your life your the one living it not the bloke!!!


confused831 - November 12

i am also in the same posisiton...i just found out i am 5 weeks pregnant...i've had a previous abortion in the past and it was traumatizing...i really dont want to have an abortion at all.. i am kind of in a tough situation becsue i just found out the guy im seeing has a girl friend and has a child with her...i approched him about it...he never sees the girl friend and is just with her for the kids...but now when im telling him im pregnant he want me to have an abortion...of course i think he is being selfish and is worrying about the way his grilfriend is going to feel and is not considering or understanding what he is asking from me...he has children so he should know what a joy it brings and im sure he wouldnt want anything happening to them so why would he make me kill mine...he said that its not because of that...that its because hes just not ready and he wants to explore so many other things ...i told him that i dont need him at all and i can do it by myself but at the end of the day i would want my child to have a father and not feel like a stepchild to his other just in the worse situation ever and i dont know what to to...HELP


imagirl09 - October 18

I'm in this situation. I'm 5 weeks pregnant. My family.friends, and his family and friends know. He wants me to have an abortion. He says we aren't ready and that because of this pregnancy i don't excite him anymore and that after the abortion things will be better. I'm so confused on what to do. My mom says she will hate me and that my family will disown me if i have an abortion, I don't know what to do anymore.


cazey jo - October 18

im 16 and sorta in the same place imagirl09 im not shur if i am yet but i told my ex the baby dad and he all like i want an abortion well truth is im not strong enough to kill a baby let alone an adult so i cant do it but i dont kow if i am yet either so ya imagirl09- dont let him control you take control yourself if he dont want to own up and take this baby he may never take a baby and just want s_x like my ex he left me but im sorta ok with it a love him yes but he used me and now wont own up to anything he did and if i am pregnet he wont even care so ill have to go to cort to get his help sadly but talk to me if you want i know what its like to be in this spot too


mummy0001 - April 3

I'm stuck in the same boat, I'm now 4/5 weeks pregnant. My partner is not happy about me being pregnant and want me to terminate asap. I had an abortion about 3 years ago an it was the worst thing I have ever gone through in my life, I cried and cried so much the even the nurses kept asking if I wanted to go ahead with it all. I did which was because of a terrible relationship and because I already had one child who was not even 2 at the time and I was very ill so couldn't cope with any other things happening at that time... Anyway I had the termination and have never felt happy about it so please think about what your going to do hun because it is irriversable. I have to go through it all again, I know I do, I just dont want to as I'm 26 and I'm so ready to have another baby, I want this child but cannot go through another failed relationship and have another child without a father in his life. It broke my heart when things didnt work out with my first childs father (because I wanted him to be a good dad) Im scared to death of what to do so I completely understand what your going through. I wish I could offer some advice and help you all I can do is give you my experiences and maybe that can help? I dont know really every one is different. I do wish each and every one of you the best though, and hopefully we will all be ok xxxx



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